Meshing with the best

Meshing with the best

TRIO has a brand new offer for 2014 – their HARDAZ mesh range. It carries one of the largest ranges available with products and merchandising solutions which will set new benchmarks. Having observed the category for some time, they seized the opportunity to bring together a mesh range with improved performance in terms of range and quality.

Fitting perfectly under the HARDAZ banner, painstaking measures have been implemented to ensure it keeps with their branding features such as packaging, shelf presence, merchandising solutions, etc to maintain consistency with other product suites the industry is now familiar with.

According to TRIO, launching this line (based on distribution and number of SKUs) has repositioned them in the market as number two in this category. Current clients have also given the nod of approval in terms of quality meeting market expectations, especially when compared to similar competitive products on the shelves.

Product versatility is another great selling point. For instance, the Chicken Mesh can also be used for crafts, cages, DIY projects etc, and the Aviary Mesh for heavier industrial jobs. The HARDAZ Mesh product line includes:

• Bird Netting. The ideal product for small bird enclosures and protection from vermin. It is easy to work with and is highly suitable for craft use as well.

• Chicken Netting. An all-purpose mesh suitable for chicken coops, poultry yards, plant protection, trellis and craft use.

• Aviary Mesh. Perfect for housing small and medium sized birds, allowing good visibility into the aviary.

• Dog & Puppy Mesh. For keeping dogs and puppies enclosed within a boundary and away from gardens, yards, etc.

• Garden Mesh. The all-purpose mesh to protect green life and is also suitable for animal enclosures.

• PVC Coated Garden Mesh. An ideal product for garden protection with green PVC coating making it longer lasting and easier to work with.

• Trellis Mesh. Great for assisting the growth of climbing plants that is also easy to mould and shape.

• Vermin Mesh. The solution for vermin and pest protection as it has a small aperture and is very lightweight.

In essence, TRIO has set out, yet again, to give the independents an alternative to what is currently on the market. They intend to make it worth your while, so give them a call 08 8262 5055 or visit to find out more about this comprehensive range.