No more battery changes or late night low battery chirps!

No more battery changes or late night low battery chirps!

New Quell Worry Free Smoke Alarms are specifically designed to offer a variety of new benefits to millions of Australians who rely on continuous battery powered smoke detection in their homes.

Powered by sealed, long-life lithium batteries for up to 10 years, new Quell smoke alarms are guaranteed to remain operating for the life of the alarm.

The long-life lithium battery also ensures all Quell alarms remain completely free from maintenance because consumers do not have to replace the battery on a yearly basis, as required with standard smoke alarms.

Consumers also save money when using Quell alarms because they are not required to buy and replace batteries every 12 months.

Each of the four Quell alarms are made specifically for the living area, bedroom, kitchen and hallway areas, with all alarms designed with individual, features to address safety needs, which are location specific.

The hallway smoke alarm is designed with an in-built super bright LED, which provides a well-lit escape path should a hall-way be filled with smoke.

The kitchen alarm is both a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm and has a unique sensor, which detects real fires faster and reduces cooking related nuisance alarms. The kitchen alarm also has a Nighthawk carbon monoxide sensor in-built into it.

The bedroom smoke alarm has a talking voice to improve wakening and a photoelectric sensor, while the living area smoke alarm has the standard features of all Quell’s alarms, as well as a photoelectric sensor.

The photoelectric smoke sensor is programed to reduce unnecessary nuisance alarms, while hush buttons silence false alarms. A test reset button tests the alarm’s circuitry and horn, while a sealed lithium battery prevents tampering and disabling of an alarm. A deactivation switch disables the alarm and makes
the batteries safe for disposal once the unit
has reached the end of its 10-year life, while an end-of-life signal chirps every 30-45 seconds, when the alarm needs to be replaced.

Overall product features of the new Quell alarm range include: certification to Australian standards, all alarms set at 85 decibels, ensured 24/7 operation for a decade and a ten year limited warranty.

Quell’s alarms are easy to install and are all activated via a simple twist onto the mounting bracket. A tamper resistant feature also prohibits a disabling the alarm from being placed back onto the mounting bracket, preventing unnecessary risk.

Customer service contact no – 1800 654 435