No mess with retractable ratchets

No mess with retractable ratchets

Trio’s latest edition to its expansive family of products is its new Ezyas Quickloader range, which introduces a new assortment of innovative retractable ratchets to the market.


The smart and innovative range allows consumers to strap, secure and fix any load, to a car or trailer, without any tangled or loose straps floating in the back of vehicles. The newly released range includes four different retractable ratchets, which are designed for several different workloads and lashing capacities.

The four retractable ratchets include the Mosquito, Handy Man, Contractor and T-Rex, which are all patented products and have been finely tailored made to suit the everyday tradie, as well as retail customers.

Trio recently reported that because there is no need to manually roll up, tie or handle excess webbing, the Quickloader range has globally become one of the friendliest working tools on the market.

Hardware stores all over the world are taking advantage of the Quickloader and it has been described to outperform other tie downs on quality, design, ease of use and versatility, according to Trio. Compared with other retractable

tie-downs, the unique patented design in the range allows for longer webbing, which gives the product greater versatility and application. The newly designed ratchets are also fitted with a longer handle, giving them more leverage and making it much easier and safer for consumers to secure a load.

The Quickloader is a product that can be used over and over again as it is designed to last a minimum of 1000 times. During extensive testing, the Quickloader far exceeded this number, which is great news for the consumer.

The Rapido Quickloader has an all metal base that can be bolted to a trailer or ute permanently, however it may still be used as a traditional tie down tool. Trio recently reported that this dynamic and unique product can serve so many different purposes, it is no wonder users are confessing they pretty much can’t live without it.

The retractable ratchet can also be used in a domestic environment and is particularly useful in securing the holiday boat to the trailer or bicycles to the roof rack of the family car.

Business owners are also choosing Quickloader for its practicality and time efficiency, because it is so quick and easy to use, which is why it has been such a success since its introduction. The new range is also compliant with the Standard AS/NZS 4380:2001.

For more information on the new range or any of the company’s products, contact Trio on 08 8262 5055 or red_bottom