Innovation drives demand

Innovation drives demand

A recent US report found US builders are demonstrating a greater willingness to try new brands, as they express a greater need for improved product performance. It is because of this that tradies tend to be sourcing advanced and new features in the hand, power and trade tools industry.


According to Freedonia Group’s recent industry market research report on World Power Tools to 2016, international power tool demand is forecast to increase 4.5 percent annually through 2016 to $28.1 billion. The Asia/Pacific region will be the fastest growing market, followed by North America. In the US, gains will be driven by a rebound in housing starts and manufacturing activity, while cordless electric tools will be the fastest growing segment.

Powerful lithium batteries, brushless technology and increased safety continue to lead the way in power and trade tools, with Metabo recently introducing its world first 1700 Watt, 5 inch grinder. The new grinder is reported to be one of the smallest grinders on the market, but does not compromise on ultimate power and safety.

Launched in September, Metabo’s National Sales Manager, Brad Coleman, said when it comes to power and safety, there is nothing like it on the market and because power tools often cause a lot of accidents, Metabo believed it was time to launch one of the safest grinders to date.

Metabo also continue to drive the lithium battery market – particularly in the cordless category, with a continued focus on intelligent battery management, patented air cooled charging technology, electronic single cell protection, processor controlled charge and discharge management and longer lasting motor and gear box design. Lithium-ion batteries have also proved to provide an overall longer life, including greater energy density and good maintenance of power when not in use.

Brushless technology continues to impress

With brushless motors also proving to be a vast improvement over brushed motors and although they are more expensive, they have more reliability, power and are quieter than their predecessors.

Makita is expected to follow the same trend by not only launching bigger battery sizes, but also continuing to lead the way in brushless technology.

“Our brushless drills have a lot more power thanks to its larger battery and better design. Makita’s drills are also now designed to be a lot shorter in length and more accurate, while they also operate at a much cooler temperature. Our tools also feature a longer running time due to its new torque drive, which ensures the drill only uses power when you need to and then it cuts back on this power when you don’t,” a Makita Account Manager explained at a recent trade show. The first brushless saw has also been introduced alongside Makita’s four newest products.

It seems suppliers continue to upgrade and introduce power tools, which are not only more accurate but economical with Irwin recently introducing a full range of impact drill kits and have invested $1 million in a national TVC Campaign in a mission to target tradies.

Aussies give thanks to tradies

Irwin also celebrated its annual Irwin Tools National Tradesman Day on September 19, which is a national day of recognition aiming to encourage Australians to salute men and women in trades, with the slogan ‘The hands that build Australia and keep it running strong.’ On this day of recognition, Irwin requested that that if there is a tradie working nearby home, to drop them a text and say thanks. And maybe even let them know where the biscuits are hidden!

New level for tool box safety

In the tool safe category, on-going innovation has seen the introduction of One Eleven’s latest steel truck box, developed specifically by an international gun safe designer, who has introduced the next step up in safety within a premium tool box system.

Due to its unusual locking design, the new tool box offers a more secure locking alternative. A One Eleven spokesperson said even though the safer locking toolbox had only just been introduced into the industry, the response had already been very good, particularly for those who know and love the One Eleven brand and particularly as a world class Australian security design.