Gone fishing with hooksafe

Gone fishing with hooksafe

Australian Hardware Journal

Hooksafe is a new Australian invention for fishing enthusiasts. It is specifically designed for stowing fishing gear safely, reducing the number of hook “cuts”.

As a detachable fishing rod safety cover, Hooksafe can prevent injuries and is easy to use. Getting stabbed with a fishhook in the thumb can be a thing of the past with Hooksafe.

Clive Doreian is a registered nurse and avid fisherman who came up with the Hooksafe concept three years ago. Like many inventors, his idea was rejected constantly by manufacturers but he never gave up.

Inventor, Clive Doreian stands by his Hooksafe product

Dorien recounts one memorable encounter when he first began trying to sell Hooksafe. “I was demonstrating a working model of Hooksafe to a director from a tackle manufacturing company. I remember being very confident about my idea as I attached the model. As I awaited the verdict, the prototype broke and fell into bits on his deak in front of us. Then he smiled at me and although he liked the idea, he said, No thanks.”

After numerous knock backs, Doreian decided to go alone and won third place at the Royal Melbourne Show in a competition for inventions and gadgets. At the same event, he eventually sold 800 Hooksafe covers “over two days out of a mop bucket, on top of a milk crate”, as he eloquently put it. Since then, Doreian has not looked back.

The Hooksafe removable covers for hooks and lures can be used by anyone. They triangular boxes are made from durable plastic and measure 60mm long, 55mm wide and 15mm deep. Firstly, twist the first hook into posts inside Hooksafe before bringing in the second hook and small sinkers. The hooks and sinkers should be clear of securing clip. Then close Hooksafe and store it on the rod. It can be cut off and stored in a pocket or tackle box for later use. Fishing rods can be safely prepared at home and safely placed in a boat, car or caravan.

Hooksafe has also gained many prestigious safety endorsements from St John Ambulance and the National Marine Safety Committee. The product also offers unique benefits to individual companies. Organisations have the opportunity to provide a community service by combining their logos with a safety message on Hooksafe. An original and cost-effective marketing campaign can be created by linking a brand or corporate logo with Hooksafe’s wholesome, safety message.

The product is now firmly established as playing a primary role in promoting personal water safety. Retailers can access TV-video stands (1200mm in height) in the shape of Hooksafe that can be customised with a specific store message.

According to Doreian, over 100,000 Hooksafes are currently being used around the country and hardware stores currently stocking this item have been encouraged by strong sales.

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