Heavy-duty Beauty

Heavy-duty Beauty

Australian Hardware Journal

Turning heads in Europe, the Power Grip is a versatile, hand-held cordless screwdriver that fits easily in the palm of a hand.

A new concept in compact cordless screwdrivers has been developed by Metabo proving useful for both DIYers and tradesmen. Power Grip, Metabo believes its screwdriver is now regarded as a “must have” by tradesmen and technicians alike.

Power Grip’s handy size gives it the ability to “get in anywhere”, giving users greater access to tight space. With the Power Grip, the user can reach the narrowest of corners, and drive screws at almost impossible places. Designed as a multi-trade tool, it is suited to screwing in (or unscrewing) the dozens of awkwardly placed small screws that are in a typical fridge or photocopier.

At the same time it can deliver to perform many screw-driving jobs. Its 4.8volts of power can drive up to 400 screws (3520mm) into soft wood.

The Power Grip is also ideal for careful with its 20 stage clutch that offers the precision of 0.3 – 5Nm of torque. The torque setting range that is infinitely variable enables the driving of screws, now matter how small. It prevents the risk of over-tightening small screws, while at the same time ensuring it always has enough at the user’s disposal for large tasks. The Power Grip’s integral spindle stop allows users to drive in or tighten screws manually. This is particularly important, for example, when levelling visible screw heads precisely. This cordless screwdriver also has the ability to keep a firm grip on bits and screws. It has a strong magnet behind the hex shank bit retainer that holds the bit securely and keeps a firm grip of the screws as well.

The spindle has both axial and radical bearings to guarantee extremely accurate running. In addition, the self-lubricating sintered metal users don’t users don’t have to worry about wear.

Its unusual shape offers an ideal grip for both right-handed and left-handed users in any working situation. And the wide, smoothly operating rocker switch makes changing from clockwise to anticlockwise rotation quite simple. Metabo believes the makes the Power Grip suitable for novice or home use and people that would normally resist buying a high powered cordless drill in the past will be attracted to this product. Weighing in at 600g (including the battery) this hand-sized cordless screwdriver is easily operated for long periods by many people – carpenters, technicians, cabinetmakers, electricians, locksmiths, assemblers, installers, shop fitters, plumbers and the home handy person. The gear housing is made of die-cast aluminium and protects the gears even in continuous use under really tough conditions

The new Power Grip comes in a sturdy carry case with a battery charger and a bonus extra battery. It can easily be stored or transported. Power Grip is the only compact cordless on the market that comes as standard with two batteries (1.25 Ah), so it can still be used without having to wait for it to recharge.

This product also comes with many accessories, notably the quick draw holster which attaches to the belt and is a great accessory for work on the move.