Slate roofing made easy

Slate roofing made easy

Australian Hardware Journal

Ceramic and slate shingles are now an affordable option for a stylish and resilient roofing finish. The Nu-Lok™ system makes slate and ceramic roofing affordable.

A slate roof is the aspiration for many homeowners but traditionally it has been very expensive because it requires multiple layers of slate and highly skilled tradespeople. The Nu-Lok™ system is a comprehensive, cost-effective way to install slate or ceramic roof tiles. The system also promises strength, durability and exceptional aesthetic quality as well – whether the home has only just been built or been standing for a century.

An Australian invention, Nu-Lok is a fixing system that requires only half the number of battens compared to traditional roofing systems. It can provide homeowners with considerable savings on materials, labour and weight (just 27kg per square). And because the batons are made of metal rather than commonly used timber, they won’t warp, twist or rot.

Managing director at Nu-Lok, Randal Stevenson, explains that the system allows homeowners to choose a roof which is great to look at and low maintenance. “Our roofs are strong enough to freely walk upon. Plus each piece of slate is individually locked into position with stainless steel wire clips – so it becomes as strong as one complete sheet of roofing.

“On the other hand, if one wants to remove some slates – to install a skylight for instance – this job can be done in seconds as the slates are not nailed down.”

Slate and ceramics have been a long-time favourite in the architectural and building profession as they offer both practicality and spectacular looking finishes. Ceramic shingles are becoming an increasingly popular choice because they are available in a wide range of colours. This offers greater possibilities for both traditional heritage settings and modern designs with none of the restrictions often associated with more common options.

The Nu-Lok Italian Ceramic is a vitrified ceramic stone, completely immune to attack by weather, acids, moss and fungi. International testing for strength, moisture impermeability, frost resistance, geometric and hail testing passed on all levels. The shingles are backed with a 50 year guarantee. Specific colours can be produced for large projects or to suit heritage requirements.

While his company offers a roofing system which is revolutionary in concept, features and appearance, Stevenson says his main focus is to provide exceptional value, service and workmanship.