Glass blocks system

Glass blocks system

Australian Hardware Journal

A new and exciting Glass Block DIY kit system that satisfies all consumers’ aesthetic needs that can be easily installed by the home handyperson.

The Blokup DIY Glass block kit system is squarely focused toward the “weekend” handyperson. The system allows anyone with a little or a lot of experience to stack these glass blocks – similar to glass blocks – to create an eye-catching formation in their home. The system is designed to lock together using a patented track that is fixed into an opening with a specially developed frameless anchor clip. It also uses a water cleanup silicone to water proof the blocks and this can be easily cleaned up using a wet sponge.

The system components are all prepackaged and barcoded and come with a point of sale display board that displays a recipe list showing all the components required to complete an installation. The home handy person prepares an opening to a multiple of 200mm for example, 1600mm high by 800mm wide and cross checks across the POS chart to the 8 by 4 recipe list, collects the required components and can complete the installation without the need for a professional.

Blokup has produced a 197 by 197 by 50 glass block (with track thickness rounds to a 200mm module) that is considerably lighter and takes up less floor space than conventional stock in this category. This particular range is only available in the popular Wolke pattern.

The Kit system is priced FIS with a minimum purchase that includes 480 Glass Blocks Wolke pattern (one pallet), 25 packs of horizontal separators at two metres long, 50 packs of horizontal separators at one metre long, 100 packs of 10 anchor clips, 100 packs of 10 vertical separators, 10 cartons of 15 tubes of Blokup construction silicone and 10 cartons of 15 tubes of Blokup water cleanup silicone grout.

The Kit system is offered with a display valued at over $1000 if the minimum kit system is ordered. The display shows an open view of the DIY kit system semi built, complete with the world’s first opening glass block window and various other patterns that are available via special purchase. This system can be viewed at

Glass blocks are used as feature walls in bathrooms, partition walls in homes, external windows either side of an entrance, offices, shopping centres, retail, restaurants or any where that gentle diffused light is required and still maintain privacy. They allow for colour transparency and provide security. This system has been tested to Australian standards and comes with a two year warranty. Blokup glass blocks are easy to maintain and assemble. They are highly functional with imaginative design elements.

Blokup components are manufactured in Australia and now in the United States and Europe. All up, Blokup glass blocks provide an opportunity for retailers to assist their customers in minimising the amount of time, effort and money required to install it themselves. It can service most customers through its specialist distributor network nationwide.