Paint brushes with strong attraction

Paint brushes with strong attraction

It takes a sharp mind to look at two unrelated technologies, and then apply them together to create a new product that is both practical and simple. The producers of Magna Brush have achieved this with their range of magnetic paint brushes.

The concept makes you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Each Magna Brush is a traditional paint brush with a powerful magnet inserted into the body of the ferrule (at the base of the handle). We have all heard of magnets – and paint brushes have been around for millennia – but the two technologies combined in a single package form a neat solution to an array of safety and spillage problems.

Paul Simmons demonstrates the benefits of the Magna Brush. (Photograph is by Ken Maley, courtesy of The West Australian newspaper.)

Magnetic brushes adhere to the rims of paint tins, enabling users to put down their brushes securely without getting paint spatters and drips in unwelcome places. Whether a painter wants to answer the phone, fetch a tool or just take a break, he or she can place the Magna Brush on the rim of the tin without worrying about paint-soaked handles or messy residues. Since the adhesion is magnetic, there are no hassles regarding tins of different sizes.

Rather than resting a standard brush on an inverted lid or piece of cardboard, or balancing it on a tin rim with the bristles dripping paint down the side of the tin, the Magna Brush allows users to position the free-standing brush tip over the tin opening. This also protects the bristles from contacting hard surfaces and becoming clogged or misshapen while not in use.

The Magna Brush is also ideal for difficult jobs involving ladders. Painters who try to descend ladders are asking for trouble if they are also clutching a brush in one hand. By using a Magna Brush, they can hastily leave their brush affixed to the tin or ladder and free up both hands for holding onto the rungs. This enhances user safety and minimises the risk of depositing droplets far from the job surface.

And when the job is over, Magna Brushes can be attached to an internal metal wall or girder well out of harms way, freeing up valuable work space for more urgent tasks and safeguarding bristles from damage or contamination.

The beauty of the Magna Brush is that it retains the tried and true features of traditional high-grade brushes. Manufactured by P.T. Ace Oldfields, Australia’s oldest paint brush maker (established 1916), each Magna Brush is constructed with pig bristles and the finest-quality body materials. There has been no compromise on quality in the new range of Magna Brushes.

Furthermore, rare earth magnets are used to ensure that the magnetic attraction easily outlives the life of the brush. Painters will find that Magna Brushes are lightweight and easy to hold thanks to modern, ergonomically shaped handles.

Trials of the Magna Brush are currently underway in Perth, and preliminary data look extremely promising. The recommended retail price of each unit will be about the same as the price of a conventional brush. At this stage only pig brushes are being made, however there are plans to introduce a line of synthetic bristle brushes. It is expected that the Magna Brush will be released in two categories: a thrifty range for mass markets; and a specialist range with stainless steel ferrules for professionals and adept DIYers.

Any national distributors or retailers who would like to stock Magna Brushes are welcome to call Paul Simmons at Australian Product Development, WA, on 0419 956 425 or fax (08) 6210 1857.

Story by John Power