Dripless guns are “real corkers”

Dripless guns are “real corkers”

Caulking guns are frequently treated as simple and straightforward tools — but they are more complex than you might think…

Dripless caulking guns, distributed in Australia through The Flood Australia Company Pty Ltd, have undergone significant refinements over the years. Both DIY and professional users demand that the finishing touches to their caulking jobs be completed without messy residue, waste or spillage onto nearby surfaces — and the latest Dripless guns have been designed to make caulking as clinical and precise as possible.

Dripless caulking guns won’t produce unwanted drips

Too often, people looking to buy a caulking gun assume all models are pretty much the same, differentiated only by the quality of the construction materials. After all, every caulking gun must obey the same generic design principles to: accommodate standard-size filler tubes; exert pressure with a trigger mechanism; and respond truly to fine applications. But the latest models in the Dripless range are manufactured with much more complex criteria in mind.

Some models are designed to handle high or low-viscosity fillers, others are extra light-weight for fickle jobs, and there are times when a good “all rounder” is required for seamless results during multi-purpose tasks. In other words, not all caulking guns are the same, and retailers should be particularly aware of the ranges available when offering advice to clients.

Flood supplies three main models of Dripless caulking guns. The CH-200 was introduced into the Flood range in 1998, and has since been widely embraced as an extremely reliable caulker by both tradespeople and exacting DIYers. Touted as “The Professional”, this gun is Commercial Grade and designed to appeal to users who want high-class results without undue fuss.

The “dripless” feature prevents run-on, and there are handy features like a spout cutter and seal punch to save time. This caulker is ideal for those users who want to switch from one sealant or caulk to another without fussy adjustments. The plunger is fastened with an airline locking nut, offering long-term reliability, while the “dripless” washer never needs replacement.

In the 18 months following the release of the SH-111, Flood introduced the SH-111, known as “The Brute”, and the SI-300 for top-end industrial applications. The SH-111 has a plunger ratio of 12:1 compared to 7:1 on the CH-200. This extra power enables users to apply more viscous caulks, and is enhanced by the mechanism design that positions the drive plate above the rod rather than the bottom. This tool is perfect for use in cold weather when urethane-based materials and other sealants can thicken.

The SI-300 is a Professional Grade gun with all the features the expert might need, including the facility to turn the dripless feature off as required, usually when using urethane or butyl-based materials that require constant and even pressures. This heavy-duty caulker has a 14:1 pressure ratio to reduce hand fatigue, powder coating to resist corrosion and other handy features like a ladder hook and seal punch that are common to the whole range. A rotating barrel facilitates use in tricky or tight areas.

The main attribute common to all the guns is, of course, the “dripless” silica-gel washer at the nozzle. The washer holds the rod in place and makes a slight backward movement when trigger pressure is relieved, instantly stopping the outward flow of material. It’s a patented mechanism that stops unwanted beads from ruining otherwise streamlined jobs.

It is, therefore, more important than ever to establish the exact needs of the user before recommending the appropriate caulker — and the customer will undoubtedly be thankful for the tip. As consumers’ expectations become more all-encompassing, it makes sense to recommend the right caulker for the job to ensure customer loyalty and respect.

Story by John Power