Rope Hitch for “tight” security

Rope Hitch for “tight” security

A new Australian-made and designed invention has been created to improve safety and security on our roads — and any other places where a load needs to be tied down firmly.

The Rope Hitch, now available from Great Australian Products, is an ingenious new device used to enhance the effectiveness of rope tie-downs. This lightweight and compact accessory adds tie-down pressure to lengths of rope when securing trailer loads, fastening truck tarps or carrying out any activities where a tight rope is a necessity. It serves a similar purpose to a Truckies Knot — but the user doesn’t have to worry about finger gymnastics or complex knot theory.

The Rope Hitch addresses the issue of unsatisfactory tie-downs by working as follows: The end of the rope is tied (as usual) to a side of the trailer and then passed over the load. But then the Rope Hitch comes into action.

Instead of simply tying off the load, the rope is first passed through the Rope Hitch about half a metre up from the final tie-off point. It’s a matter a threading the rope quickly around the exposed Rope Hitch braces. The rope end is then wound around the tie-off point, and then fed back up to the Rope Hitch and around the lowest brace.

At this stage the advantages of the Rope Hitch become clear. With each tug on the rope end, the whole rope is pulled tauter. The rope can’t “slip back” because a triangular, moveable toggle at the centre of the Rope Hitch “locks” the rope under its own strain.

Furthermore, the rope end acts like a mini-pulley system thanks to its final wrap-around at the lowest brace, which means great tension can be achieved without muscles of iron. After the desired tension is achieved, simply tie off the rope end with confidence that the load is stable, tight and fast.

According to Great Australian Products technical advisor, Wayne Radford, the Rope Hitch has applications in countless settings, and is suitable for tradespeople, removalists, boaties, campers, gardeners, farmers, outdoor enthusiasts and more.

“It started with an idea that had come from the observation of a common problem — loose ropes — and we’ve solved the problem with a totally new product,” says Radford.

The first Rope Hitch prototype was made and it failed, so it was decided that more research and designing should take place. The product was re-designed and the Rope Hitch we have today was produced over a four-year period.

“We set out to create a safe product to help drivers eliminate the problem of unsecured loads. By restraining the loads, we can eliminate many accidents and, in some cases, the loss of lives,” he adds.

Great Australian Products is eager to help retailers market the Rope Hitch successfully, and has established agents in all States. POS materials are also being prepared to make sure customers can readily see the tremendous advantages of keeping their loads secure.

Rope Hitches come in two practical sizes to handle rope diameters of 6–8mm and 8–10mm, with each hitch presented in a transparent hang sell pack complete with well-written instructions. A gift box has also been added to the range to stimulate sales. For more information about distributorship, view the website at

Story by John Power