A new way of mopping

A new way of mopping

Sabco has just released a new Australian-designed mop that turns the tables on conventional floor cleaning: no buckets, no messy rinsing, and no time wasting…

With the increasing popularity of tiled and timber flooring throughout modern Australian households, more and more people are “reaching for a mop” as part of their regular domestic duties. But Sabco has created an alternative to conventional mopping that can save precious leisure time while still producing first-class results — it’s called the Smart Mop.

The Smart Mop is a self-contained cleaning unit that redefines the way we clean floors for long-lasting hygienic results. It features a 500ml soft-pack cartridge containing a specially formulated cleaning agent. This cleaning agent is sprayed directly onto the floor by a trigger mechanism, and the mop then passes over the wet surface to leave a safe and sparkling clean floor.

An active ingredient of the agent is Microban Antibacterial Protection, which works to protect floors from bacteria, e-coli, listeria, salmonella and other pathogens long after the mop has been returned to its cupboard. The cleaner cartridge is kept in place by a pressure plate, and under normal conditions can last several months.

So how does the mop pick up dirt without rinsing? The mop contact area is a disposable, super absorbent pad. Once the pad becomes soiled, the user simply detaches it (no direct handling required) and replaces it with a fresh pad. It’s a faster process than the repeated rinsing that conventional mops require, and avoids the problem of spillage from buckets onto non-hard surfaces.

According to Sabco’s Victorian sales manager, Wendy Henthorn, the mop was developed by an Australian design team to offer a new way of achieving superior floor cleaning results.

While there are other non-Australian, self-contained mops on the market, the Smart Mop boasts many design elements that are unique. A large swivel head acknowledges the need for swift coverage of spacious Australian living areas, and the cleaning agent — which was developed specifically for the Smart Mop — is fast-drying and efficient. The pressure plate is also an innovation that guarantees even wetting of the floor for the life of the cleaner cartridge; other mops depend on gravity systems only.

“The Sabco Smart Mop is light-weight and strong in construction, and has a citrus scent to leave your floors smelling fresh and clean,” says Henthorn. “It is ready to use off the shelf, fast, effective and comes with a lifetime guarantee.”

The Smart Mop was voted one of the top four Best New Products at the recent Mitre 10 conference in Melbourne, and has great applications in homes of all sizes. People who live in apartments and small urban units will value the mop because there is no need to fill a bucket to clean a tiny area. On the other hand, owners of large dwellings will find that the mop can save a great deal of time, turning a messy and arduous chore into a fleeting inconvenience.

The Smart Mop also allows for the treatment of localised “one off” messes without the need to fill buckets or judge detergent requirements. Retailers will also no doubt appreciate the opportunities for ongoing sales of replacement pads and cleaner cartridges.

Story by John Power