A breath of fresh air

A breath of fresh air

Protection from dust inhalation is a first-priority health issue — of relevance to all wood and metal workers, stone and tile cutters and users of garden machinery.

There is an old adage about health: if you don’t know whether a substance is harmless or dangerous, it’s better to play it safe! These days, professional tradespeople and DIYers alike find themselves in situations where their activities produce airborne dust particles. Whether grinding metals, sawing through wood, sanding a floor or smoothing off a plaster wall, there are endless situations where potentially hazardous particles are released into the air.

Triton Manufacturing and Design Company has come up with a solution called the Triton Powered Respirator. The unit consists of a powered respirator pack, helmet, shroud, ear muffs and visor which provide protection approaching industrial standards. The head gear is lightweight and comfortable even on hot days, and the battery-powered respirator is unobtrusive and can be worn about the waist.

When sawing wood, users simply put on the helmet and turn on the respirator. A wash of clean, filtered air is blown from the respirator along a hose into the top of the helmet. The clean air then flows down the inside of the helmet, preventing any fogging of the visor and keeping the wearer free from exposure to even fine particles. Exhaust air flows out from the base of the shroud, and the constantly replenished air flow within the helmet prohibits the entry of any unwanted dust. The visor is tough and provides clear all-round vision.


The secret behind the effectiveness of the unit is its multiple filter system. Air is channelled first through a washable pre-filter; and then it passes through disposable, twin-cartridge filters. This self-contained unit will function for five hours before batteries require overnight recharging.

As a multi-purpose protector, the Powered Respirator is also ideal for those jobs that produce high noise levels. Whenever using a brush-cutter or chainsaw, grinding metal or stone, sanding body-filler or plaster, preparing weather-boards for painting, etc, the unit can offer comfortable and immediate protection.

However it is not suitable for use against gases, vapours, chemical fumes or in explosive atmospheres (such as spray painting). Outdoor gardeners who use whipper snippers will find that long shifts in the field are easier to bear without irritation from clouds of fine dirt and pollen.

Designed and manufactured to Australian Standard specifications, the Triton Powered Respirator is essential for keeping a person’s eyes, ears, head and lungs protected from the hazards of woodwork and similar activities. Dust protection is of paramount importance — to the degree that the National Occupational Health & Safety Commission has formulated specific guidelines about safe woodworking environments and the high value of dust extraction units.

Treated timbers and even some woods in a natural state can produce a range of toxic chemicals which, once airborne, can lead to chronic and even life-threatening illnesses. The Triton Powered Respirator is designed for those individuals who prefer not to play roulette with their health.