Perfect from any angle

Perfect from any angle

The new Wagner Demain Series Angle Grinder is as different from common angle grinders as a jet aircraft is from a biplane — there’s no comparison…

Wagner is the sole distributor of the new Demain Series Angle Grinder, winner of a coveted Australian Design Award in 2003, has superseded the common angle grinder in terms of design, utility, safety and effectiveness.

Fully designed in Australia, the Demain Series Angle Grinder has also won the Powerhouse Museum Award, meaning it will be displayed permanently in the Sydney museum as an example of technological innovation of the finest order.

Even at first glance the new grinder diverges from its predecessors in obvious ways. The streamlined body is small and colourful, topped by a D-shaped handle for a premium grip in a wide variety of situations.

But perhaps the main feature of the grinder is its unique, patented Air-Thru technology. In most cases, grinders achieve optimum performance when the metal being cut reaches a certain temperature, achieved through the friction of the cutting disc. This ideal temperature is usually difficult to sustain in regular operating settings, leading to a loss of cutting speed as the metal becomes either too hot or too cold.

The Demain Series overcomes the problem by using the tool exhaust air as a temperature regulator. Instead of exhaust air being expelled through side vents of the tool, the air is directed straight ahead onto the cutting surface, preventing overheating and creating ideal conditions for prolonged fast cutting.

This innovation can slash cutting times by 50%, representing a major cost-efficiency for time-poor professional users. Associated benefits of this front-end exhaust system include superior operator comfort due to reduced dust disturbance at the sides of the tool, as well as longer life of the cutting blade.

Another breakthrough is a rotating head. A double pin locking system allows the head to rotate around an axis just behind the main handle, allowing users to maintain a clear, central vision of the on/off switch while manoeuvring the front end of the unit to different positions. A solid and fixed grasp of the rear body is also important for enhanced control at all times.

User safety
Safety was a paramount consideration in the overall design of the Demain. Central to user safety is a system of three lights (green, yellow and red) that convey vital information to the operator.

A green light, for instance, shows that the tool is connected to a live power source. This is a simple but practical innovation that can save long walks back to power boards to check plugs and switches.

The yellow light warns of pending overload, while the red light signals approaching overload and is accompanied by automatic shutdown. Both the yellow and red lights flash simultaneously at start-up to indicate that the tool is primed and ready to go. Advanced interlock electronics control these functions, which add greatly to the life of the tool.

Starting the tool is a double-switch operation whereby the user depresses a paddle while also pushing the start button. This twin-trigger procedure reduces the likelihood of accidental activation, offering yet another safeguard against potential injury.

Other handy features include an effective, traditional wrench-fastened disc rather than a quick-release mechanism. The wrench is attached permanently to the power cord for fast access. And once the job is done, a smooth wrap-away power cord ensures tidier storage and less clutter.

The Demain Series Angle Grinder delivers 800W of power and produces 11,000rpm performance. Fitted with a 125mm grinding disc, its total weight is a manageable 1.7kg.

The grinder can be an eye-catching centrepiece in any power tool display, and saleability is enhanced with six-colour gift boxes designed to highlight the modernity and technical innovation of the product. Packs include one grinding disc, two flanges, a wrench and easy-to-read instruction manual.

Story by John Power