Air freshener in your paint

Air freshener in your paint

A new paint additive that turns paint into an air freshening medium is now available in Australia — so who said paint was just for colour?…

Paint Pourri, produced by US company Scentco and distributed in Australia exclusively by Vision Wallcoverings, is a liquid additive that transforms paint into a long-term air freshener.

It works like this: once you have opened your can of paint, simply pour a sachet of Paint Pourri into the tin and stir thoroughly; then proceed with painting as normal. The additive is suitable for all latex and latex enamel paints, and can be mixed with undercoats and primers as well as top coats.

Suitable for all kinds of rooms, especially laundries, bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, rumpus rooms, etc. Pot Pourri can freshen air while releasing subtle aromas in a range of eight different fragrances, including “Ocean Breeze”, “Tropical Winds” and “Wildflower”. Perhaps customers would fancy the idea of a “Simply Clean”-fragrance kitchen!

The additive has an effect that lingers for 6-12 months in standard rooms, or 4-6 months in larger areas. And most importantly, it will not affect the colour, texture or other properties of the paint.

Not only will Pot Pourri help stifle the odour of the new paint, but it will also serve as a long-term air freshener against cigarette smoke, pet and cooking smells and other unpleasant household odours.

The product has captivated overseas markets, winning the Retailer’s Choice Award at the National Hardware Show in Chicago. It is a unique item with no direct competitors in the marketplace, and is therefore a brand new entry on hardware store shelves.

Like all genuine paint-related innovations, it has the potential to stimulate renewed interest in the category and promote greater sales of paints and accessories as customers quickly recognise the uses of the product. For instance, landlords might find that an air freshener applied with paint is a handy way of keeping rental properties appealing at all times. Similarly, residents of smaller dwellings in urban areas should welcome the opportunity to obfuscate local city odours and personalise their living spaces with an individual scent.

Of course, commercial applications are also significant: consider the advantages of using Pot Pourri when painting sports change rooms, hotel-motels, industrial workplaces, restaurants, waiting rooms, fitness centres, etc. In areas where heavier levels of air freshener protection are required, users can increase the quantity of additive in their paint to achieve the desired results. Conversely, smaller quantities might be appropriate for tiny spaces such as closets or walk-in robes.

Pot Pourri is so versatile that it can be used with mildewcide coatings, and people who enjoy experimenting with interior fragrances will find that they can change their air freshener scents effectively by repainting.

Plans are currently under way to create Pot Pourri air freshener additives for oil-based paints, and the manufacturers are also interested in extending the range of fragrances on offer. This product is not a scented paint, but a genuine air freshener that actively combats unwelcome odours.

In addition to winning its major accolade at Chicago, Paint Pourri has been endorsed by theHandyman Club of America Seal of Approval, and has also been included in Productscan’s top ten domestic new product innovations in 2002.

Story by John Power