Rainwater or mains water – automatically

Rainwater or mains water – automatically

An ingenious new product from Davey gives householders the ability to reduce their consumption of valuable mains drinking water by up to 40% — without any compromises…

The Davey RainBank™ is a control system that links domestic rainwater tank supplies to laundries and toilets. This makes a lot of sense; after all, why should we use valuable, drinking-quality mains water for flushing a toilet or washing clothes?

The Davey RainBank™ can save up to 40% of household potable water

But RainBank™ is more than a simple diversion device. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to use rainwater as a first prioritywater source for toilet and laundry applications. And if the rainwater tank runs dry, the device switches automatically to conventional mains water supplies. No fuss, no manual tap switching or pipe changing.

The RainBank™ can be used with a pump to make sure the rainwater pressure is constant and strong, making it perfectly suitable for the rapid refilling of cisterns or appliances such as washing machines.

The device is easy to install, either as a complete pump and controller system or simply as a controller added to an existing pump and tank installation. Moreover, it can be positioned in new dwellings or older homes with equal ease. Under normal circumstances the RainBank™ is mounted on top of the pump, however its small size also allows for fitting on a wall other nearby location if space is a problem.

The automatic function of the unit, together with its pumped delivery, overcomes many of the problems associated with less sophisticated rainwater supply devices. There is no chance of appliances being left to “run dry” just because the rainwater tank has suddenly dried up — nor is there any need to constantly monitor rainwater tank levels in anticipation of heavy use. Homeowners can set and leave the RainBank™ with complete confidence that mains water supplies will “kick in” if required.

In addition RainBank™ has been designed to ensure that there is no risk of backflow from the rain water storage into the mains system, thereby preventing potential contamination of the water authority supply.

Davey’s general manager-marketing, Andy Evans, said studies of typical domestic water use showed that flushing toilets and operating washing machines are the two principal uses of drinking-quality mains water in the home.

“In many household situations it will be possible to replace up to 44% of household potable water or drinking water usage with less valuable rainwater,” he said.

Evans said that while an increasing number of households are installing rainwater tanks to conserve the run-off from the roof of their home, most people only envisage using this water for relatively low-grade applications like garden watering or washing the car.

“What they do not realise is that rainwater stored for this usage will only have a small effect on conservation once the dry weather kicks in. What is the point of rainwater tanks if they are empty?

“Another question I often ask is: ‘What is the purpose of systems which use mains water to fill up the rainwater tank when it is empty, just to re-pump the water out of them?’ This is a total waste of valuable energy. With the RainBank™ system they can be saving water all year-round, even in winter, and when the tank is empty it switches back to mains automatically!”

As the NSW and Victorian Governments announce increasing water restrictions, they have also offered significant incentives to consumers who use water-saving devices, including a double incentive to have a rainwater tank plumbed to a toilet.

By using the Davey RainBank™, consumers can make a real contribution to water conservation, reduce their reliance on mains supplies and the ever diminishing reserves stored in our reservoirs. Davey as a 60-year-old Australian company, and it is determined to play a leading role in facilitating better and more effective use of rainwater resources. “And our RainBank™ is an important step towards bringing this to reality,” said Evans. For more information visit www.davey.com.au.

Story by John Power