Outdoor speakers in pot plants

Outdoor speakers in pot plants

Hanging baskets have an innate appeal — now a Melbourne company has produced “The Sound Garden” model of hanging baskets equipped with built-in, weatherproof audio speakers…

Flowers can’t sing, but “The Sound Garden” system of hanging basket audio speakers, released by Day 1 Pty Ltd through its envisions label, truly turns pot plants into music makers.

The concept is bound to be of instant appeal to those householders who enjoy relaxing and entertaining outdoors.

Simply plug in the hanging baskets to a hi-fi or radio system to enjoy powerful, clear music in the open air. And when the party is over the plugs and cables can be removed in seconds, if desired, leaving nothing but presentable hanging baskets that appear conventional in every way; they can even tolerate watering, rainfall and gusty winds without affecting the speakers hidden within them!

Day 1’s national sales and marketing manager, Russel Payne, says The Sound Garden has enjoyed tremendous interest since its release late last year, and has formed a welcome addition to the extensiveenvisions range of non-audio garden plant holders. Like all of the products produced by the company, The Sound Garden is designed and manufactured in Australia.

The basket speakers are designed to be used as pairs for full stereo effect, and create dynamic sound with power outputs of 50 watts. Each speaker driver is water-resistant thanks to a neoprene surround casing and polymer cone, further protected by a drainage outflow configuration that prevents water from contacting the speakers or their components. This means the baskets can be used for live plants without any prospect of damaging electronic circuitry.

“The speaker grilles are mounted at the base of each basket, so the only precaution we recommend is that owners don’t immerse their baskets in dishes of water,” advises Payne. “Otherwise, you can leave them out in the open for years. All units are hand-assembled and come with a 12-month warranty.”

Applications of The Sound Garden speakers are limitless: they can be connected permanently to their own sound system (kept indoors or under cover outside) for everyday applications; they can be linked to principal household hi-fi systems only on those occasions when the owner is having an outdoor event; or they can be used with standard microphone and amplifier systems for delivering speeches during garden parties or formal ceremonies. The common factor is that the speakers are always in place outside and ready to operate on a whim, thereby relieving owners of the need to carry heavy indoor speakers into unsuitable or awkward surrounds.

Payne says the sound quality is excellent and appropriate for even large garden settings. “We did the design work with the outdoors specifically in mind, so there is no problem with placing the basket speakers on decks or even out in the open exposed to the elements; it won’t harm the system,” he says. The units are equally appropriate for smaller properties such as villas or flats where owners want to maximise the utility of their precious outdoor areas.

Setting up
According to Payne, The Sound Garden speakers (sold in packs of two) come complete with easy-to-read instructions to ensure ideal positioning and functionality in different locations. Handy hints include suggestions about cable connections and wiring, as well as optimal speaker positioning.

“In general terms, the speakers can be used with most modern hi-fi systems that have output jacks on them,” he says. “You don’t have to be technically minded to install and connect The Sound Garden.”

At the moment the units are available in a single design, however Payne says the appearance of the terracotta-coloured baskets is universally popular and unobtrusive. “So far we’ve been delighted with how The Sound Garden has been received,” he says. “Every time we demonstrate it to a new client — after the initial dropping of the jaw — we get an immediate favourable comment,” he says. Day 1 is able to supply retailers and groups nationwide. The company has sales agents in every State and, with nine years’ experience as a garden product manufacturer, already has strong ties with major buying and retailing groups. In addition, the company has a large and valued list of independent clients. For more information about The Sound Garden call Russell Payne on (03) 9720 9533 or visit www.day1.com.au.