Get an edge!

Get an edge!

Most sophisticated gardens are defined by crisp, discrete borders of one kind or another. Now an Australian company has released an aluminium edging system that “sidelines” the opposition…

Garden edging is one of those “fickle” but necessary elements of garden design — a practical component of every type of garden regardless of size, style or location. Under most circumstances edging is used to separate lawns from pathways, or as a tidy and protective barrier when laying lengths of paving.

Link Edge lengths are secured in place with solid pegs

Traditional materials like timber are normally used for edging, however timber may suffer from excessive rigidity when forming odd shapes, and planks are often positioned permanently with unsightly and uneven stakes in the ground – as cumbersome as a row of teeth fitted with braces! Of course, timber is also prone to weathering, discolouration and eventual decomposition.

Link Edge is a long-lasting, metal alternative to such traditional systems.

Designed and manufactured by Australian company, Link Plus, Link Edge aluminium edging creates flawless edges without any of the usual hardships.

Individual lengths are available in 3–6m strips (41mm x 32mm) and multiple strips can be connected with “slot and snap” fishplates to form continuous edges of any size.

According to Anastasia Haysom-Varpenius from Link Plus, the right-angled edging is fixed in the ground by hammering edge spikes into pre-drilled holes at intervals of 70–80cm. There are no obtrusive stakes sticking out of the ground, and the overall appearance is smooth and clean.

“Never before has a garden/paving edge offered the strength of cement without the time-consuming laying process and inevitable cracking,” says Anastasia.

“Link Edge has the usability of steel without the unsightly rust or the potential danger of injury from sharp edges, and it is as flexible as plastic but with far more strength and without the UV breakdown factor.”

The design allows for optimal two-way flexibility and strength to form curves, circles and straight lines.

The edging is long-lasting, discrete and suitable for all garden styles

“An added benefit of Link Edge is that you can test a landscape plan for your garden by only half hammering the edge spikes into the ground before even laying a single paver or blade of grass,” she says, “and if you are not satisfied you can reposition it, bend it in a different direction and start again.”

Landscape designers in particular should appreciate the ability to present different patterns of garden beds before receiving layout approval from clients. And if changes need to be made even years later to accommodate extensions, the malleable edging can be transformed into a fresh shape with ease.

Link Plus is a 17-year-old South Australian company that uses 100% Australian materials, right down to the aluminium. It is a major manufacturer of aluminium manhole barriers and other customised products and currently employs about 20 people.

Anastasia says she would like to hear from hardware industry professionals regarding the distribution of Link Plus nationally.

For more information visit the Link Plus website at or call (08) 8347 4447.

By John Power