Water Worm is Good for the Garden

Water Worm is Good for the Garden

Rigid-walled, bulky rainwater tanks have their place, but a new product from Coolaroo—the Water Worm—is a flexible and flat water storage system that can be placed alongside or under a home!

Most retailers are enjoying strong customer interest in water-saving devices and accessories, but the Coolaroo Water Worm from Gale Pacific Ltd stands alone as a fully-fledged rainwater collection device that customers can take home in the car.

The Coolaroo Water Worm is a flexible water storage device

Weighing just 3kgs, the Water Worm brings rainwater storage to a new market of impulse buyers who want to “do the right thing” around the home. It is equally attractive to those homeowners who seek long-term water storage options to suit villa units, flats and other urban dwellings where space is at a premium.

Whereas most rainwater storage facilities are solid rectangular units—characterised by straightforward boxy designs that have remained unaltered since Queen Victoria was a lass—the Water Worm lies flat and can be nestled partially or fully underneath a verandah or floor cavity. Alternatively, it can be left lying flat alongside a dwelling, providing householders with the comfort of knowing that the unit will not block narrow pathways or interfere with precious views from low windows. And there is nothing wrong with creating a hidden network of multiple Water Worms; the total number of Worms installed will depend on dwelling configurations and the personal needs of the resident.

This commonsense device measures 6.5m in length and has a diameter of 400mm. Its capacity is about 600l, creating a water reserve that is sizeable enough to make a worthwhile contribution to garden watering and general external washing applications. In an effort to maximise toughness and durability, the skin fabric has been woven from seamless circular PP scrim with double-welded ends. A PP exterior coating and UV stabilisation treatment further enhance longevity.

The interior coating is fully compliant with AS2070, which is the relevant standard for plastic that is in contact with foods, as well as AS4131 which pertains to potable water safety.

Installation is simple. The unit is fed with water from a standard downpipe set-up and, most importantly, a head pressure is developed that exceeds the minimum standards for domestic use.

The Water Worm unit itself is recyclable.

There are two types of Water Worm available off the shelf: a basic DIY Kit includes a Water Worm, poly bend, tap, hose connector, 2″ inlet and ¾” outlet, with a retail price of under $250; a more elaborate kit includes the abovementioned components as well as all fittings required for a standard connection to a downpipe. This larger kit retails for about $350.

The Water Worm has any number of uses around typical households, ranging from the topping up of spas and ponds to the watering of vegetable patches and prized garden beds. When connected to a high-pressure washer, the unit can also be used for washing boats and cars, pathways and windows.

According to Gale Pacific’s estimations, most homes devote about 45% of all water to garden and outdoor uses, so there are potentially huge savings to be made by reducing the levels of reliance on mains water for external applications.

For more information call Gale Pacific on 1800 331 521.

By John Power