Express Yourself with ExpressWall™

Express Yourself with ExpressWall™

Hardware retailers should make sure their stocks of building materials represent the latest, most expressive trends. The CSR ExpressWall™ system is a case in point…

Professional tradespeople are always delighted to make new discoveries.

When a retailer gives a builder a tap on the shoulder and asks, “Have you seen this new product before?” the result can be a steady and long-term run of orders. CSR ExpressWall™ is a durable façade system suitable for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. The primary component of the ExpressWall™ System is CSR ExpressPanel™, a compressed fibre cement sheet, which is fixed to a purpose-designed light steel frame. The panels can be arranged in a variety of patterns, with eye catching appeal produced by the expressed joint finishing.

CSR ExpressWall™ panels can create a range of architectural effects

Launched mid last year, CSR ExpressWall™ is primarily designed for commercial applications, however it is proving a popular choice for architects and designers to give high-quality residential homes a distinct edge.

The dense, strong CSR ExpressPanel™ provides a suitable substrate for a variety of finishes from paint to textured coatings. CSR ExpressWall™ can be used to conceal most common structural materials such as masonry, precast concrete or steel and timber stud framing, and it also provides excellent resistance to water penetration and can withstand high wind loads.

Some of the more imaginative features of the ExpressWall™ system are visible on a two-storey designer house in Shepparton, Victoria. The design incorporates a combination of textured materials, including CSR ExpressWall™, to create an angular and modern frontage.

McHugh Builders were the residential builders contracted to the project. Director Scott McHugh said extensive planning of the entire project was required to make the design concept work. The local building store, Shepparton Building Supplies, suggested using CSR ExpressWall™ on the exterior for its performance and the contemporary look of the expressed sheets.

“I had seen CSR ExpressWall™ used in a number of commercial applications, and thought it was a visually attractive and cost-effective option for the project,” Scott said.

CSR ExpressWall™ was installed on the top storey of the house, with panels cut into squares and fitted at a 90-degree angle to the roof to create a sharp-edged look. The frontage of the house also featured a combination of brick, sandstone and wood finishes.

According to Scott, aside from the appearance of the panels, the ease of installation was a big advantage of the system. The house design was so outstanding it was featured in homemaker sections of local newspapers.

Builders have also been quick to recognise the toughness and resistance to weathering of ExpressPanels™, which will not bend or crack and can be painted to create an unlimited range of design effects.

CSR Fibre Cement has elaborate distribution networks to make sure its products are readily available to resellers across the country. There are warehouses in every State servicing the company’s fibre cement division, and orders can be picked up or delivered according to the needs of the client. Split packs are available.

Retailers also have access to a complete range of advertising and support materials, including sales and technical literature and store signage. Call 131 744 to discuss the options available in your State.