The kudos of Bosch

The kudos of Bosch

Customers looking for precision drilling and cutting accessories make a beeline for iconic brands — so have a look at these two new products from Bosch…

Progressor holesaws
Simplicity, multi-purpose functionality and reliability are the keys to long-term customer satisfaction, and these qualities are certainly evident in the new (released this month) bi-metal HSS Progressor holesaws from Bosch.

The Bosch HSS Progressor holesaw

These high-quality holesaws offer a long service life and high cutting power – even on the hardest materials – and produce circular cutouts in steel castings and gray cast iron castings, structural steel, aluminum, bronze, copper, PVC, acrylic glass and wood. They are even effective in stainless steel!

Another significant feature of bi-metal HSS holesaws is their ease of operation. Thanks to a “Power Change” quick-change system, one single adapter is all you need for all available holesaws. Therefore, users no longer have to store clusters of different adapters. In addition, the holesaws and the center drill can now be exchanged quickly and easily by a single click. The new link between the adapter and the holesaw is much faster and more stable than previous configurations. This reduces the bore tolerances while extending the saw’s service life.

Progressor holesaws are available for 53 cut-out sizes with diameters from 14 to 152 mm. They can be purchased individually, as a six-piece Electricians set (quick-change adapter, HSS center drill bit and six holesaws), as an 11-piece Engineers set and as a 10-piece Tradesmans set. A special HSS-Co drill is available for stainless-steel boring.

“Multi Construction” Bit
Until now, most multi-purpose drill bits have often been a compromise between high drilling performance and universal use.

With the new “Multi Construction” design, Bosch has developed a drill bit that drills well in tiles, masonry, concrete, wood, plastic and metal and is also suitable for use in impact mechanisms. This makes it a versatile tool for working in all interior decorating and renovation applications.

Bosch’s new “Multi Construction” drill bit

This innovative drill bit works faster than conventional multi-purpose drill bits. It features a drilling head with particularly sharp, multiple-diamond-ground tungsten carbide cutters that are very sturdy even with impact drilling in concrete. A new steep spiral pattern promotes rapid drilling progress by quickly carrying off the bore dust.

Thanks to its special design, the “Multi Construction” even drills in hard-burnt floor tiles with score hardness ratings of eight. Until now, diamond tools have usually been required for such tasks. This feature makes the bit particularly well suited to bath and kitchen extension jobs. With its high drilling performance, the “Multi Construction” is the perfect tool for cordless drills and cordless impact drills. The high drilling rate permits the drilling of up to 40% more holes per battery charge than can be achieved using a conventional masonry drill bit.

Bosch offers “Multi Construction” drill bits individually with diameters from 3.0 to 14.0 mm and as four-part sets with plastic box. The drill bit diameters of the sets are between 4.0 and 8.0 mm or 5.5 and 8.0 mm.

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