Home Depot Opens Manhattan Store

Home Depot Opens Manhattan Store

Home Depot has opened the first of two stores in Manhattan. The first, located on 23rd Street, opened in September, with the second store due later this month on 59th Street, across the road from Bloomingdales.

Home Depot’s first store in Manhattan is in a historic white building with only a touch of the usual bright orange branding

Occupying a multi-story historic building with none of the glaring orange usually associated with Depot, the Manhattan store is tightly focused on the unique needs of its neighborhood residents, who live in condos or apartments. Paint and cabinet hardware are dominant categories, while timber and building materials are largely absent. Reflecting its growing emphasis on major appliances, the store is stocked with an extensive array of high priced, unusual appliances to differentiate itself from the normal appliance retailers in the city. And, as many local residents do not have much storage space for tools and equipment, the store offers tool rentals with delivery service available for the DIYer. To encourage projects, the store is running how-to clinics three times a day and how-to electronic kiosks are located throughout the store to help customers learn how to accomplish repair/improvement tasks.

The store also features a concierge who can direct customers to various departments and offer advice.

By Bob Vereen