Lightning Clamp® Grips the Market

Lightning Clamp® Grips the Market

A new Australian invention is set to “take a tight hold” of the DIY/Professional clamp market…

The multipurpose Lightning Clamp®, designed by Queensland carpenter Peter Billings, is a worldwide-patented product that reforms traditional clamping methods.

The Lightning Clamp is sturdy and ideal for solo operators

Since its release 18 months ago the Lightning Clamp has been stocked in almost 100 hardware stores throughout south-eastern Queensland, and has also gained retail exposure in Japan and the USA.

This rapid market acceptance is understandable to anyone who sees the clamp in action. It offers serious DIYers and tradespeople the ease of solo operation, secure clamping over distances from a few millimetres to several metres, and the convenience of lightweight portability.

A basic 12mm threaded metal rod – available in lengths up to 3.6m – forms the backbone of the clamp. A baseplate is attached to one end, complemented by an adjustable, sliding faceplate and tightening handle.

Users simply position the baseplate at one extremity of a job, slide the moving plate to the opposing end, and then rotate the handle until the desired pressure is achieved. The fine thread of the road allows for tremendous pressure to be achieved with a few twists of the wrist. When the work is finished a quick-release lever instantly disengages the clamp handle. The beauty of the threaded rod is that different lengths (either one-piece or multiple pieces nutted together) can be used depending on the nature of the task. A major decking installation, for instance, might call for long-distance clamping, whereas a smaller lamination job might suit a shorter rod.

The versatility of the tool makes it especially appropriate for solo owner-builders and renovators. Those people, for example, who are tackling a floating floor job on their own will find that the clamp is an ideal “second pair of hands”. The adjustable faceplate incorporates an oblique side, and when pulling in a floating floor this oblique edge is placed on top of the existing sub-floor to provide a close, flat pull across the top of the new floor.

The clamp can work over several metres of decking

In addition, a “Deck Grip” accessory (an alternative fixed baseplate supplied with the clamp) can be used for clamping floorboards from right up against a wall; the skirting board can be installed later.

Decking work is also handled easily by the clamp, as the faceplate fits easily in the gaps between deck boards. This allows new boards to be quickly straightened from any point on the deck already fixed.

And if spreading is required, simply reverse the faceplate to create a firm and stable separation mechanism even for jobs such as studs and door frames.

Made from extremely heavy-duty components (non-cast), the clamp is designed for rugged Australian conditions.

The Lighting Clamp, which retails for about $80, is available to resellers with a number of merchandising aids, including laminated posters and a video. It is also worth noting that the transparent, hang-sell packaging features plenty of application photos to enhance impulse saleability.

For further information on The Lightning Clamp and your nearest stockist or call (07) 5496 9390.

By John Power