Go with the FloMasta™

Go with the FloMasta™

Nylex Water Solutions has released a new range of FloMasta™ water-saving products for use in bathrooms, laundries, showers and toilets – because every drop matters…

Domestic water conservation used to be an “option”, but it is fast becoming “standard” procedure in the hearts and minds of consumers and civic authorities across Australia.

Aerators from Nylex Water Solutions

Devices that modify water delivery without reducing the efficiency of appliances make great sense.

Traditionally, water-saving devices have taken the form of water-limiting valves, but the effectiveness of these items can vary depending on water pressures (which can vary from 250KPA to 1,200KPA across Australia).

FloMasta™ is different because a self-calibrating flow control valve will control flow, regardless of water pressure. FloMasta™ will monitor water pressure and automatically adjust itself many times a second to regulate water flow (litres per minute), thereby saving water.

Six Products
There are six main product types in the FloMasta™ range:


  • Flow Control Discs – These circular discs are used with existing showerheads and taps, and do not need to be replaced. Available in 6, 9 and 12 litre-per-minute options;
  • Inline flow Regulators – The half-inch BSP inlines are used with existing showerheads, faucets and basin fittings and do not need replacement. Available in 2, 4, 6, 9 and 12 litre-per-minute configurations. There are a range of colours available including chrome, gold, white, almond ivory and brass.
  • Water Saving Aerators – These devices aerate water and give the impression of high water volume. They do not need replacement over time and are available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 litre-per-minute options. Purchasers can also choose from male or female threads in chrome, gold, white and almond ivory colours.
  • Vandal Proof Water Saving Aerators – These aerators work like the above domestic devices, but they can only be removed with a key, which makes them ideal for commercial applications. Also available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 litre-per-minute styles with male and female threads.
  • Flood Stop Safety Valves – Designed to prevent flooding from dishwashers and front-loading washing machines, these valves work by cutting off the water supply if a pipe bursts or slips off its mounting.
  • Toilet Water Saver Kit – The kit contains a Toilet Water Saver and Flush Saving bag and works in 9–11 litre single-flush toilets. It permits the toilet to flush only for as long as the button is pushed down. The bag also reduces the amount of water used.


Flow control discs for showerheads and taps

All these products comply with the Plumbing Code and AS/NZS4020 – Testing of Products for Use in Contact with Drinking Water. They are equally effective with fresh and stored water and, in combination, can contribute to significant water savings around the home. In particular, Nylex says savings of up to 94% can be achieved if so desired by the householder.

Nylex Water Solutions is a new business that launched its first product lines in September. New products will be rolled out progressively this summer with the aim of addressing the water management needs of domestic, commercial and rural sectors.

Inline Flow Regulators can reduce water use by 94%

“Our approach to market is simple: water conservation,” says Ian Male, Nylex Group Marketing Manager – Water. “That is, all of our activities will be focused under the umbrella of water conservation, where we will provide leading solutions that will give the customer real savings.”

The Nylex Water Solutions manufacturing operations will shortly expand into NSW and WA, offering broad coverage to mainland Australia. See www.nylexwater.com.au for more information.