Turning Steel into Butter

Turning Steel into Butter

A product for cutting steel may seem a little “out of left field” for a company like Triton Manufacturing & Design, which has a strong history in woodworking…

Triton, however, sees its new Steel Cutter as a step forward in the DIY sector, and the product is certainly in keeping with the company’s broader range of innovative, locally designed tools for Australian handymen and tradespeople.

The new Triton Steel Cutter suits both professionals and DIYers

The new Triton Steel Cutter is a real eye-opener and there’s a lot to admire in its finish and clean results, but the single most appealing element of the design is its effortless user-friendliness.

The machine cuts steel cleanly, accurately and easily.

Safety was always at the heart of Triton’s design parameters, and the company believes it has created the safest possible high-speed cutting tool.

According to Triton’s Marketing Coordinator, David Watkins, the Steel Cutter was developed and designed by Triton in Australia to service local needs and conditions, meaning safety, longevity and functionality were paramount considerations.

TCT Blade
The Triton Steel Cutter applies tungsten carbide tip (TCT) technology to slice through mild steel sections up to 50.8mm (2”) square. The results are super-clean and fast 90° and 45° cuts. These cuts are virtually burr-free and are completed in considerably less time than can usually be achieved with an abrasive disc. It’s also cleaner, more accurate and cheaper to run. David says the company conducted extensive tests on the durability of the TCT blade compared to conventional abrasive discs. The results showed that the TCT cutting edge remained effective after 2,000 cuts, whereas the abrasive disc was unusable after just 200 cuts.

No More Dust
The other noteworthy feature of the Steel Cutter is its enclosed cutting platform – there’s no messy and damaging abrasive dust, just metal swarf which collects into a drawer for safe disposal. The blade is fully enclosed – before, during and after the cut – and safety interlocks prevent the blade from being powered while exposed.

A handy drawer collects metal dust for user safety and convenience

Outboard work supports with length stop are also supplied, as are leg clamps. All the user has to do is add tube of the desired length.

Whether the user is a tradesperson or a handyman who enjoys the benefits of working with steel for DIY jobs around the home, the Steel Cutter provides a convenient, safe and professional finish for all jobs. Priced at $449rrp, each unit is sure to appeal to knowledgeable DIYers who demand top-class results without a top-end investment.

Replacement blades are readily available and offer useful aftermarket sales to hardware resellers. Triton is a Hills Industries company and therefore enjoys the benefits of widespread distribution channels and back-up support throughout the country.

For more information call 1300 655 686.