One-Step Tile Paint Is a Giant Leap

One-Step Tile Paint Is a Giant Leap

Consumers love new products that simplify a traditionally awkward task. Plasti-kote’s® new One-Step Water-Based Tile Paint is the first-ever paint product to put a “smile” on your dial…

From the makers of the finest quality spray paint in the world, comes an innovation set to change DIY home renovation forever! After taking the European and American markets by storm in the last six months, Plasti-kote® is launching its all-new range of water-based tile paints in Australia.

Brush & Aerosol
Plasti-kote® is introducing a product range unprecedented in Australia, with the entire range available in both Brush-On AND Aerosol application options. The brush-on tile paint is the only water-based product on the market, reducing odour and simplifying the clean-up process, while the spray can is the only aerosol tile paint in existence.

The new Plasti-kote® One-Step Tile Paint is available in 12 new-fashion colours

As an added bonus – because both products achieve the same premium-grade, hi-gloss finish and are totally compatible – users are able to combine the advantages of the aerosol (and its easy, wide-area coverage) with the brush-on application for detailing smaller areas. According to Tina Betoulis, Product Manager – Paints, the new range of paints is available in a dozen different colours ranging from traditional white and black to striking violet and soft yellow finishes. Restorers of period homes will also be delighted to discover high-quality gold and silver colours, which are bound to present extremely popular alternatives to costly new replacement tiles.

“And I would like to confirm that Plasti-kote® Tile Paint does not contain toluene,” says Tina. “This harmful ingredient, which is associated with ‘sniffing’, has been eliminated from all Plasti-kote® products.”

Extensive research and development has allowed Plasti-kote® to engineer a specially formulated hi-gloss finish that doubles as a self-primer and topcoat in one. This eliminates two or three time-consuming steps that are required when using competitor products for tile paint application. Dispensing with primers and sanding paraphernalia not only simplifies the job, but it also saves money for the consumer – and that introduces a whole new DIY market for affordable, dependable tile painting products at a low price point.

All Tile Paint finishes have been created to match current top-selling ceramic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, allowing the Plasti-kote® range of tile paint to bring new life to old tiles without breaking the budget. Just as importantly, the paint is touch dry within one hour of application.

Grout Pen
Perfectly completing the tile paint range is the new high-performance Plasti-kote® Grout Pen, designed to easily put the finishing touches on new-look tiles in just minutes. The Plasti-kote® Grout Pen is currently the only water-based Grout Pen on the market, and delivers the highest degree of coverage available.

A helpful range of in-store merchandising and POS material, including colour samples, is available to retailers.

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