A New Direction For Australian Steel Giant

A New Direction For Australian Steel Giant

Australia’s largest steel company, BlueScope Steel, has launched a new business, BlueScope Water. BlueScope Water commenced operation earlier this year, as a supplier of premium rainwater harvesting and stormwater infrastructure systems. BlueScope Steel’s many years of experience supplying steel-based products for the manufacture of rainwater tanks has formed the foundation for the new business.

Warwick Krigstein, Director of Urban Water at Bluescope Water

“As a steel solutions company with its origins in one of the world’s driest continents, it was a natural step for BlueScope Steel to develop steel-based water management products,” said Warwick Krigstein, Director of Urban Water at BlueScope Water.

In keeping with its commitment to the preservation and rejuvenation of Australia’s vital water assets, BlueScope Water has developed an innovative new rainwater harvesting system.

“Over nine million Australians live in urban communities with water restrictions,” says Mr Krigstein. “While the traditional steel water tank has long been a familiar sight in the Australian bush, it is now increasingly popular in towns and cities. Governments are mandating water conservation, and BlueScope Water is working with councils and developers to introduce rainwater harvesting solutions for both new and existing buildings.”

BlueScope Water launched two rainwater tank brands recently – the Waterpoint Classic® and Waterpoint Slimline®. Steel water tanks will be available in a range of sizes, shapes and colours, to suit almost any site and style of building.

In addition to the tanks, BlueScope Water has developed the Thinktank® rainwater harvesting system – a complete dual reticulation solution comprising a Waterpoint tank, first flush diversion, mains water back up, and a pump to utilise the stored water.

“Implementing rainwater harvesting involves more than simply providing and installing a tank,” said Krigstein. “A complete solution involves co-ordinating and facilitating with developers, builders, designers, local authorities and contractors. BlueScope Water is able to assist in managing the entire process.

“Rainwater harvested from roofs and collected in rainwater tanks can be an excellent source of water for indoor and outdoor uses. A home incorporating a rainwater tank backed up by mains water and supplying water for toilets, washing machines, and garden watering can lead to considerable reductions in mains water use and stormwater discharges.”

The basis for BlueScope Water’s water infrastructure products is the Hydrorib® pipe system – a unique ribbed profile pipe made from a steel composite material. “Hydrorib is lightweight, strong and easy to install,” Krigstein said. “The steel composite material increases resistance to corrosion and abrasion, and offers outstanding performance over a long service life.”

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