Air-Powered Sealant Gun!

Air-Powered Sealant Gun!

Here’s a gun that deserves its own 21-gun salute! It’s the world’s first portable, air-powered sealant gun – and it’s also an Aussie-made invention…

Sealants and other caulking materials have traditionally been applied using manual caulking guns – simple devices used as pushrod, hand-squeezed dispensers. Now, Topgun Technology in Sydney has created an airtool that does the job in half the time and with greater consistency, and the applications are limitless.

This is a patented, trade-oriented, professional tool that has undergone years of field trials. No stone has been left unturned in finalising its reliability and ease of use, and every effort has been taken to ensure all component parts are the best in their category.

Breakthrough technology – Topgun units are designed for professionals

Each Topgun airtool unit comprises a lightweight, portable electric compressor; applicator gun; airlines and hoses. All components permanently fitted into a rugged, lockable case for trouble-free transportation and security, and at just 8kg overall the Topgun system can be used in even the most challenging construction settings.

This is a genuine breakthrough for installers/fitters, construction crews and scores of other trades, many of whom risk wrist and arm strains during the repeated use of hand-squeezed caulkers. The OH&S ramifications are tremendous, particularly in light of increasingly popular synthetic building materials that are affixed with caulked adhesives/sealants. The Topgun eliminates the prospect of RSI injury and therefore improves worker efficiency and safety.

The electric “plug in and go” 10-amp compressor is a medical-grade, oil-free unit that runs extremely quietly (60db), delivers consistent pressure and offers the peace of mind of a whisper-vent pressure relief valve (PRV) and silencer. The design means there are no airborne contaminants to worry about and service requirements are minimal – no servicing required in the first 12 months. And as an added security precaution each unit is insulated and equipped with a Safety Switch.

The centre-balanced airgun is just 29cm long and weighs 0.6kg, making it user-friendly during long hours of operation, and a built-in regulator permits continual flow adjustment and instant shut-off from the nozzle.

The Topgun air-powered sealant gun is lightweight and tough

A 10-metre hose is included as standard equipment, but optional lengths of hose up to 100m are available if required.

All parts are readily available in Australia and typical maintenance tasks can be carried out by the owner-operator in the field.

There are no limits to the kinds of caulking material that the Topgun can handle. It is equally effective for applying epoxies, adhesives and sealants of all types and textures. Moreover, units are compatible with small or large rigid cartridges, sachets, “sausages” and collapsible cartridges. The tool is equally at home firesealing gaps in tight spaces, sealing glass joints, bonding wall/floor panels, finishing kitchens/bathrooms or applying internal/external expansion joints.

When applied to surfaces, the resulting lines of caulking material are “pulse-free”, finely measured and precise, so wastage and clean-up are reduced even though the process is dramatically faster than conventional application methods.

Since the development of the Topgun prototype several years ago it has been used successfully at dozens of major NSW building sites, including the Southern Cross Hotel and Darling Plaza Apartments, Darling Harbour; and Altair at the Kings Cross Tunnel.

Topgun Availability
Topgun is currently manufactured in low volume and supplied directly to trade and industry clients Australia-wide from the company’s Sydney plant. Enquiries: or phone (02) 9939 5122.

Major companies interested in obtaining a manufacturing licence, or entering into a joint venture, distribution, export or other commercial enterprise agreement can contact the proprietor, Rob Luck, by calling the above number or e-mailing