These Blades Won’t Break…

These Blades Won’t Break…

Bi-metal Blue Blades from Irwin Industrial Tools – as close to “unbreakable” as a hardware product can be – are now available Australia-wide…

Few sounds are as nerve-wracking as the “ping” of a utility knife blade snapping. It’s a common occurrence on worksites when drywall, plasterboard and roofing materials are being cut, and tradespeople can suffer horrendous injuries when razor-sharp blades shatter under extreme pressures.

Irwin Industrial Tools has taken a big step towards alleviating this problem with the local release of Bi-metal Blue Blades. These high-performance utility blades differ from conventional blades in their basic construction. The body of each Bi-Metal Blue Blade is fabricated from spring steel, which is electro-welded to a high-speed steel cutting edge to form an incredibly strong and flexible material. Not only can the blades bend without breaking under normal use, but they also hold a keen edge for up to three times longer than conventional carbon steel utility blades. The greater blade flexibility dramatically reduces the risk of the metal shattering, while the longer-lasting edge limits the frequency of blade replacement (when finger cuts are always a risk).

Bi-metal Blue Blades are available in packages of 10, 20, 50 or 100 units. For added convenience the 50 and 100 packs incorporate a special blade dispenser, making life easier for the trade user.

A Sharp “Package”
Of course, blades form only half of a cutting “package”. Blades perform at their best when paired with an appropriate knife, and Irwin has produced a number of knives designed to maximise the efficiency and durability of their Blue Blades. The premium range, called ProTouch™, has a number of features that will appeal to the busy professional. Customers can choose from either fixed or retractable models, depending on the nature of the job. Both models have a storage compartment for up to five spare blades. The retractable model sports a couple of great features. Fresh blades are accessible simply by pushing a button at the top of the handle. And used blades can be removed or reversed without the need to open the case (known as the Quick Change® system), which completes this well-designed collection of blade-changing features.

ProTouch™ knives are shaped for ergonomic comfort and stability, and are available in either metal or soft-grip configurations. Furthermore, the blades extend from the knife at an angle of 19 degrees to ensure the cutting edge is at its most effective inclination to the surface being cut.

According to John Hughes, Irwin’s Marketing Manager, the international popularity of Blue Blades and ProTouch knives has been staggering: “I was in Munich last week talking to representatives from all over Europe and they all said the Blue Blade/knife packages are just so easy to sell because the advantages are so clear to see. The experience in Australia has been no different – the take-up rate by retailers has been outstanding and the acceptance by users very strong.”

The pricing of these products, adds John, makes them attractive to both professional and DIY markets.

For more information call Irwin Industrial Tools on 1800 331 491.

By John Power