Product Focus: Weathertex’s Strong ‘Re’-Constitution

Product Focus: Weathertex’s Strong ‘Re’-Constitution

Reconstituted timber, manufactured by Weathertex® in NSW, is real wood that has been processed to remove the imperfections…

One of the greatest problems with natural timber is its variability. No two lengths of timber AHJWeatherx01June05are the same, and every piece has its own fingerprint-unique complex of knots, grain imperfections, cracks and splits. The inconsistent nature of milled timber means resellers often face bothersome product returns to producers; meanwhile, consumers can become irritable with timber products of erratic quality. There must be a better way!

Weathertex, an Australian company with a 40-year heritage, has overcome traditional timber imperfections by “reconstituting” timber at its manufacturing facility in NSW. The plant – the only one of its kind in Australia – breaks down plantation wood trimmings and tailings into a fibrous pulp. This “wet-lap” is then pressed under high pressures and temperatures to create uniform and consistent timber products. The process creates timber that has all the positive attributes of a synthetic material (i.e. no warping, density fluctuations, surface blemishes, etc) while retaining the warmth of genuine wood. You could say the process “irons out” the faults of natural timber…

Range in Good Trim
There are four main product categories in the company’s range: Weathertex Weatherboards, Weathertex Primelock™ Weatherboards, Architectural Panel Products and Weathertex Wall Shingles.

AHJWeatherx02June05The standard Weatherboard list includes four decorative profile finishes, ranging from “Classic” and “Rusticated” to “Millwood” and “Old Colonial”. Lengths are typically 9.5mm deep with widths of 200mm or 300mm, depending on the finish type.

In the Primelock Weatherboard range there are four finishes, comprising Classic, Braidwood, Federation and New England design profiles. These boards feature interlocking systems to add strength and uniformity to wall cladding constructions.

Architectural Panel Products, produced in large-format panels up to 3,660mm in length, have also become popular as a means of cladding large or difficult-to-access areas with streamlined efficiency. Available in Weathergroove™, Panelgroove™ and Woodgrain finishes, the panels are suitable for both external and internal applications.

Weathertex “Ruff-X” Wall Shingles, presented in units of 1,195mm x 240mm, are the latest additions to the range. They offer builders a neat alternative to single shingles which can be difficult and time-consuming to install.

All Weathertex products can be painted using appropriate acrylic or enamel coatings and staining is also possible on selected finishes.

Long-term Focus
According to Lloyd Hughes, National Product Manager, all timber products in the Weatherboards and Architectural ranges come with a 25-year warranty.

“No timber from old growth forests is used [in our products],” says Lloyd. “This environmentally friendly product was approved for use at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Village, and we are now exporting throughout Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia with our sights set on North America.”

Lloyd says Weathertex timber is distributed pre-primed, and the end product can accommodate nail gun installation and edge nailing without any problems. There is no need for pre-drilling when using screw fasteners.

“Weathertex is distributed nationally and throughout New Zealand by Gunnersen Timbermark,” explains Lloyd, “and we support resellers with focused marketing and support services. Merchandising assistance includes a Showcase Brochure, Showcase Presentations, an Owner’s Installation Guide, Architects Kit, Product Samples, and Display Boards showing the full product range.”

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By John Power