Repair Patch to “Hyde” Holes

Repair Patch to “Hyde” Holes

One of the most useful products set to hit the Australian market this year is the US-made Hyde® Wet & Set® Wall and Ceiling Repair Patch – perfect for fixing unsightly holes and cracks in plasterboard…

There are plenty of ways to create grungy holes in plasterboard walls – doorknobs are repeat offenders, as are wayward elbows, heavy portable heaters, children’s toys; it seems no home is safe from the odd hole-punching mishap from time to time.

Caption: The Repair Patch is applied in a simple step-by-step processAHJProduct02Sept05

A fast and affordable solution, the Wet & Set Wall and Ceiling Repair Patch, is now available in Australia as a speedy alternative to costly panel replacement or bog-filling.

The beauty of this product lies in its easy-to-use simplicity. After removing the 127mm x 381mm patch from its packet, cut it to the shape of the hole, allowing a few extra centimetres at the edges to cover the surrounding wall surface. Then dip the patch in warm water to soften it. The moist patch is then placed over the hole and smoothed off by hand to make sure the edges have adhered firmly to the adjoining wall surface. Essentially, the patch works like a permanent bandaid and sets in 30 minutes. Once dry, sand it back, smooth over with filler…and you’re ready for same-day painting.

This product, released in Australia by Trojan Industries through an exclusive licensing arrangement with Hyde Tools Inc. in the USA, has the potential to appeal to both DIY and trade users.

Retail Enquiries Welcome
Trojan’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Glenn Bird, says the product is being marketed across the country (except WA, where brick walls predominate), and he would like to hear from any resellers who might wish to add the Repair Patch to their in-store ranges. “There is nothing else like it on the market in Australia,” Glenn says. “And we’ve already received a lot of interest – we only discovered the patch in May. Jim’s Building Maintenance [a major home maintenance franchise company], for example, is really interested in it because the whole repair process takes only about half an hour. It’s attractive to professional tradespeople because they can complete a job without having to come back the next day.” Glenn adds that professional users also have access to handy rolls (2.75m long) for commercial projects.

As for general retail sales, the patch is a hassle-free item with instant consumer appeal. Patches are packaged in clear, hang-sell plastic wrappers containing a single patch sheet as well as user-friendly backing card inserts, complete with readable application suggestions and before/after photographs. Since patch sheets are only a few millimetres thick, large quantities can be lodged on a single display peg.

Glenn says the repair results live up to expectations. Once veneered with filler and then sanded back, the patched area is almost indistinguishable from surrounding flat wall surfaces, and an advantage of the wet application is that patches can be moulded over uneven, cornice or stucco surfaces and oddly patterned cracks without any problems. Therefore, it is particularly useful in older dwellings that feature unusual or irregular ornamental plastering.

For more information about the Wet & Set Wall and Ceiling Repair Patch, call Trojan Industries on (03) 9887 5111.

By John Power