News: Making Candles ‘Werk’

News: Making Candles ‘Werk’

Located in Melbourne, Candlewerks is a new collaborative business between Candlewerks Pacific, Peaktop International and SRG New York.

Ian Mitchell, Marketing Director of Candlewerks

Ian Mitchell, Marketing Director
of Candlewerks

Established in 1991, Peaktop is a world leading manufacturer of blended decorative candles and a supplier to US retailers including Kmart, Target, Pier 1 and Crate & Barrel. The company is a global R & D leader in the development of hand-finish candle designs and renewable candle materials. Candlewerks has access to more than 8,700 candle skus with over 1,100 different shapes, designs and material options. This is the first time a global candle manufacturer and supplier has been represented directly in Australia.

The market for lifestyle candles in Australia is showing strong growth, but is still young and supply is fragmented said Candlewerks’ Marketing Director, Ian Mitchell.

“Candles are being used for home decoration and are the ideal way to create mood and ambience for that special occasion,” said Ian.

“Candles are also sensory products which reduce stress and foster a positive sense of well-being.”

Ian is confident of new opportunities for market growth, citing the “wellness revolution” as a key driver of consumer interest in products such as scented candles. He predicts the category size could more than double in the next few years with the development of new product concepts, Fifth Room candles and more systematic merchandising.