News: HASA Launches Training Initiative

News: HASA Launches Training Initiative

Rod Evins, President of the Hardware Association of South Australia (HASA) launched the HASA Training Guide at the Adelaide Oval Function Centre recently.

Over 100 guests attended including hardware retailers and suppliers, members of State Parliament and other key players in the training and education field.

“Eighteen months ago we put our services under the microscope to examine the needs of our constituents,” Rod explained. “The message we were receiving loud and clear was that the difficulty accessing quality Industry Training was a key issue with our members.” The Training Guide has been designed to provide practical help to store operators who often find training frustrating and consequently place it in the ‘too hard basket.’ To provide this support the committee developed the HASA Training Guide – an easy approach to training. The Guide is a signpost to effective training – it provides practical training support services, answers frequently asked training questions and outlines the training pathways and opportunities available to store operators. The Training Guide has been provided free to all HASA Members and will be updated regularly as new training developments occur.

A Training Information Help-Line – 1300 554 841 – has been provided by HASA and is available to members during business hours and will provide a prompt response to training or education queries.

An innovative Business and Training Needs Diagnostic is included in the Guide. It will assist members to identify their business priorities, analyse the training needs and career paths for staff, and provide assistance to match appropriate training to defined business objectives. This diagnostic will be provided at an affordable user pays fee and will be provided for HASA through the services of VEMS P/L. Feedback from members indicated a high level of dissatisfaction in previous training experiences. A set of Training Delivery Guidelines has been developed which define the standards of training delivery, expected from Training Providers servicing our industry. The Guidelines address such issues as the selection of training, frequency of store contacts, customising training to the enterprise and the development of internal trainers and the in-store logistic supporting the training program.

“Our industry has built its credibility by providing the right products, backed by sound products knowledge and services,” said Rod Evins. “To be prosperous and sustainable, we need to ensure that our most important resource, our people, are skilled in all aspects of our business. HASA will continue its efforts to stimulate training that will promote our industry as a worthwhile career option.”