Product Focus: Angle Magic

Product Focus: Angle Magic

The New York AngleMag distributor describes AngleMag as the “state of the art dovetail guide”. A customer in Batemans Bay, NSW, said AngleMag should be called “AngleMagic”. They refer to an ingenious invention by Australian, Jeff Snell…


AngleMag is a magnetic hand saw guide for an almost limitless number of woodworking joints, including picture framing and several variations of exquisite dovetail joints. Its precision is phenomenal. Jeff, like other would-be woodworkers, could not cut straight, consistently, in all four planes – a prerequisite skill for hand cutting joints for furniture, jewellery boxes and good woodworking generally. This frustration led to his inventing and manufacturing AngleMag. The concept is ingeniously simple, but its applications are almost limitless. Precision and versatility are its hallmark. Jeff Snell has personally made 30 different cabinet-making joints – from minute, dovetail keys to all the joints in the ornate cabinet shown in his brochure and on his website

Made of aluminium alloy and CNC-machined to very strict engineering tolerances – AngleMag sits astride and is clamped to your timber. The powerful circular magnetic saw glide tracks the saw at any angle you select on the Angle Selector. This same angle is repeated in all four planes by rotating and locking the shaft in any one of the four “V” shaped grooves that are equidistant and run the full length of the shaft. The Instruction Manual also guides you to chop out waste wood with great precision – to match your cuts with AngleMag. There is also a brief CD in a distinctive and instructive presentation box. AngleMag is environmentally sound, requires no power, and produces almost no dust or noise. It is very safe, compact, and easy to use. Because the Angle Selector will guarantee the exact same angle of cut in all four planes, even an amateur woodworker can master complex woodworking joints and use it to launch into woodworking. Any backless saw can be used with AngleMag.


Jeff Snell, who hails from Sydney, has come a long way since his days as a nurse. He has spent the past two years demonstrating and testing the market while gaining widespread acceptance for his tool. He has export orders from USA, UK, Austria and (soon) Sweden. He has secured his first order to Japan following a marketing trip to a trade show there last August. The sheer versatility of AngleMag appeals to, and has been sold to a very diverse group of consumers: handypersons, woodworking hobbyists, women, high school students, technology and design students, amateur woodworkers, picture framing enthusiasts – even to professional cabinetmakers and musical instrument makers. Patents are pending in all the major jurisdictions including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and the European Union. His distributor in Austria has invited Jeff to attend major woodworking shows in Austria and Switzerland and Jeff is exciting interest from Australian tool and hardware distributors. In the near future, he plans to set up demonstration and training sessions in major hardware stores. An instructive educational CD is available for in-store viewing.

AngleMag has won many awards and achieved glowing industry reviews. It was awarded the Gold Medal at the Salon Des Inventions Des Techniques et Produits Nouveaux in Geneva, Switzerland. It has been awarded the Australian DesignMarkTM and has won “Selection” for permanent exhibition at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum. It has been very favourably reviewed by many magazines in Australia and overseas. Last November, the American magazine, Wood, gave AngleMag a “Five out of Five” Star Rating. In his Tool Review in the Canadian magazine, Woodworking, Carl Dugay said: “The AngleMag is, bar none, the best jig I have used for cutting dovetail joints. You can also use it to cut box; biscuit; mitre and half lapped mitre joints as well as straight and angled tenons. The AngleMag is great because it’s well designed, finely machined, easy to use, and does just what it claims to do…get it, use it and gloat.”

(Extract by kind permission)