Product Focus: Mobicon

The innovative Mobicon offers a cost effective way to lift and move containers…

The Mobicon is a modern and flexible container handler that takes containers off the trailer and places them anywhere in the yard, under awnings and even inside buildings. The Mobicon offers a unique, cost effective way to lift and move laden containers that saves both money and time. The Mobicon can bring containers inside your warehouse increasing goods security and safety. More importantly, the Mobicon gives the freedom to place the containers close to where the goods are stored. The Mobicon has the lowest axle loading of any container handler in the world, making it the most yard-friendly design available.

The Mobicon container handler is a 33 tonne capacity rubber tyred machine, designed and made in Australian (manufactured in Brisbane). It follows the principals of a gantry crane, however has several unique differences that are patented and make it like no other machine or container handler available in the world.

It is designed to lift containers on and off trucks (lifts to 1.8 metres) and transport them around sites over bumps, up ramps, into warehouses, under awnings and up-to docks.

Like all good designs, the Mobicon is simple, it uses everyday technology and components and combines them to provide usable and unique benefits for container handling. It is so simple that an operator’s licence is not required (in Australia). It lifts 33 tonne in any form of container, from 16’ to 52’, flats, half heights, over heights, curtain-siders, in fact any configuration of container, without the need for any modifications or additional lifting equipment, no chains etc, as it is all hydraulic.

Once lifted it can move containers around sites into warehouses, through normal warehouse doors, (it has a height of just 3.9 metres) effectively taking the box to the stock or the stock to the receiving point. Advantages include no more wet weather loading or unloading.

No more container ramps to negotiate, no more damaged stock due to long lift truck runs, better security, better control, less time needed for loading or unloading, no more demurrage costs for trucks waiting to be loaded/unloaded, no more premium freight costs for the use of side-loaders and no more expensive yard maintenance bills caused by big Forklifts and Side-loaders.

As the Mobicon weighs only 13 tonne, uses 8 wheels, it can operate quite easily on compacted gravel, bitumen or standard thickness concrete. Maximum laden wheel loading is 5.5 tonne (with 26 tonne load) about the same as a laden prime mover and trailer. The company is already attracting positive feed back from satisfied customers. Spotlight stroes bought a unit when the company its export operation to is own warehouse in Laverton (Vic). “The Mobicon could do something for us that a side loader couldn’t do, and that is to drop containers off onto fixed stands that we had built for our loading docks,” said Brian D’Rosario, Spotlight’s Export Manager. “It also speeds up container handling times and thus increases efficiencies in exports and reduces transport costs.” Neil Glenn, Managing Director of Kalari Pty Ltd, is another happy customer. “Factors that influenced our decision to choose Mobicon were its safety features and the fact that it was very competitively priced against heavy forklifts,” said Neil. “The Mobicon allows easy access into all of our freight sheds and awnings, providing excellent flexibility in how storage and handling facilities in our depot are used.”

The Mobicon has made its mark as a world first for industry by being awarded the BHP Steel Award and the LAA new equipment award. It is currently being exported to Africa and the USA.