Assa Abloy’s point of difference

Assa Abloy’s point of difference

ASSA ABLOY remains a global leader in door furniture and now offers a more complete range of door opening solutions than any other company on the market, according to ASSA ABLOY’s President Pacific Region, Simon Ellis, who spoke exclusively with AHJ.

Simon Ellis“Our business is built around the total door solution, and almost everything that is connected to the door, attached to the door, or surrounding the door. Our goal is to make door solutions seamlessly connected to the building,” Mr Ellis said.
“Our business is focused on six product areas: mechanical locks and hardware, electromechanical and electronic locks, physical and logical access control, secure identity and issuance, entrance automation, and security doors. Our products and solutions are used in commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential applications,” he said.
Mr Ellis began his career in customer service with Lockwood Security Products in 1997; and subsequently ASSA ABLOY after it acquired Lockwood Security Products in 2001. His career has certainly progressed well over the last 20 years.
Mr Ellis said he is now looking forward to exciting times ahead in the safety and security industry, particularly with the emergence of ‘The Internet of Thing’s, wireless technology and mobile devices, which are all supported by cloud based technology.
“This technology means that we can create product solutions that are very cost effective and functional. We are only going to see this pace of change accelerate. This is important for us and our customers as this technology is substituting many of our existing mechanical based solutions,” he said.
However, it seems due to the emergence of this new technology, new skills are required, which means that the industry needs to continually upskill in years to come, according to Mr Ellis.
“These advanced products require new skills at every stage of the value chain from design, manufacture, install as well as how the consumer interacts with the product,” he said.

Newly launched products
ASSA ABLOY has launched several new products recently, particularly products that have a specific focus on access control.
“We recently launched several revolutionary products from the Lockwood Cortex; the first Australian digital lockset to be fire rated. Cortex is a commercial grade digital lockset that offers a standalone electronic access solution. We also launched ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio AU100; a fire rated, wireless electronic digital lock that is easily integrated into existing electronic access control systems by utilising our unrivalled technology,” Mr Ellis said.
“Ideal for commercial applications (such as facilities, apartment high-rise and the like), Aperio provides end users with a simple, intelligent way to upgrade the controllability and security level of their premises,” he said.
Mr Ellis also said ASSA ABLOY is also currently working on several exciting projects which are set to be launched this year and the year after.
“Look out for mobile solutions for residential applications as well as some exciting developments in the commercial space. This is in addition to a number of new mechanical products that are being launched including: the Velocity Entrance Lock, the Outland Sliding Door Track, a DDA compliant lever and a new improved 001 just to name a few,” he said.

Innovation and quality set the standard
When discussing ASSA ABLOY’s on-going point of difference in the market, Mr Ellis said innovation and quality are two key factors that ensure all of ASSA ABLOY’s products stand out from its competitors.
“We have a strong investment in Australian innovation with over 50 people working in our innovation team here in Melbourne. This allows for us to design products that are fit for purpose for our unique Australian market,” Mr Ellis said.
“Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and, with the emergence of new technology, we believe we have a significant opportunity going forward. We are also very proud of our manufacturing facility with many of our products made right here in Australia,” he said.

Market overview
Sales within the industry remain strong, according to Mr Ellis, who said the construction market particularly continues to operate at a healthy level.
“This is despite expecting a slowdown in high density residential projects after a period of strong construction growth. Commercial construction however is forecast to grow by 10 per cent over the coming year,” Mr Ellis said.
Mr Ellis also noted the importance of independent retailers to ASSA ABLOY’s business saying the independent retailer market is not only important to the company, but very important to the market at large. Competition is also ever increasing, he said, particularly due to cheap copy products from China which have become more readily available. “Competing as an Australian manufacturer in this environment creates its challenges. We also see some new competitor offerings coming onto the market, quite often which are new to us competitors. This is not unusual for an industry facing rapid technological change,” he said.
Off shore competition also continues to raise issues with cheap products of a lesser quality entering the market.
“Although we meet or exceed all relevant standards at all times, the issue for us is enforcement – as we see many imported products in the market that do not meet these standards. We should remember that most standards are there to keep us safe, like fire and egress standards,” Mr Ellis said.
“They are also there to ensure we build buildings that are appropriate for all through disability standards. Th ere also non-
mandatory standards that relate to quality and durability so we need to educate consumers to look for these before they make their next purchasing decision,” he said.
Looking into the future, Mr Ellis said ASSA ABLOY will continue to innovative and launch high quality products throughout the market.

Convenient and maximum security on the rise

An ongoing trend towards maximum security continues to grow due to a rise in the value of personal assets such as phones, laptops and jewellery, according to Mayo Hardware’s Safety, Security and Hardware Marketing Manager, Simon Kotz.

woman with smartphone“Consequently, requirements to protect these assets have increased with consumers seeking more robust and powerful locking solutions. Another trend is more convenient security. Th is is because consumers are constantly on the move, so sharing access and keyless security has become more main-stream,” he said.
“With a rapid increase of homeowners renting out their property on a short term basis and a need for access for housekeepers, carers and tradesmen, key safes provide a simple and compact solution,” Mr Kotz said.
Master Lock remains at the forefront of convenient security, according to Mr Kotz, due to its impressive range of key safes ranging from alpha and numeric push button key safes, to the new Bluetooth Smart Padlocks, where the smartphone is the key and allows users to easily share and revoke access to whomever users want.
“The smart home is no longer a utopian dream. In fact, it is closer than we ever thought possible. In time, the trend of a smarter home will no longer become a fad, but an industry standard. And with more people concerned about home security, smart homes and smart locking systems are poised to become common practice,” Mr Kotz said.
“As market leaders we aim to continue to lead the way in providing innovative keyless control. Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks has revolutionised padlock security by turning users’ smart phones into a key. With a free easy to use app, users do not have to worry about losing keys, forgetting combinations or unauthorized key duplication again. They can simply remotely share access with friends and family and monitor the lock’s activity,” he said.

Point of difference
Master Lock is recognised around the world as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and security products. Since it was first founded in 1921, the company has worked hard to earn and maintain the trust of its customers by delivering on its promise of strength and quality and by continually setting new standards for lock design, application and performance, according to Mr Kotz. “As the largest global manufacturer and marketer of padlocks, we continue to build on our passion for innovation, quality, and compelling value into our expanding lines of security solutions,” he said.
Just some of the products that have ensured Master Lock has continued to stand out from its competitors include the Master Lock Light Up Dial Key with features including:
• The only light up version of key safes in the market. Th e unique light up combination dial is ideal for use in low light conditions or by those with poor visibility.
• Large open lever for more comfortable use.
• Durable weather cover protects against the harsh weather conditions, dirt and grime resulting in a rust-free performance
and long life.
• Dial lights up automatically each time the weather cover is opened.
• Has up to 10,000 possible combinations for increased security.
• The recessed internal compartment allows comfortable storage of up to five regular sized house keys.
• Available in portable and wall mount options.
• Backed by a one year warranty.
Just last year, Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks gained multiple global awards in recognition of innovation in advanced security, security and peace of mind including the 2016 Silver Edison Award (NYC) for Innovation Excellence, Home & Personal Security. “In 2018, we also plan to expand on the success of Bluetooth with some new exciting products to be introduced in the category,” Mr Kotz said.

Help your customers choose the right system for their home
Most homeowners put some level of thought into how they can protect their home from a burglary. Th is might include simple measures, such as updating doors and window locks or displaying a ’beware of the dog’ sign, to a more comprehensive approach like installing the latest home security system. While everyone’s home security needs are quite different, technology continues to play an increasingly important role with people choosing to install security technology, particularly surveillance cameras and app-enabled alarms. Understanding how useful certain security technologies are in the event of a real-life incident is also important. To help your customers make the right decision, ADT Security recently outlined some important home security considerations, so homeowners can develop a home security plan that is best for them.

Burglar stealing a laptop_webIdentify what your customers want to protect
When your customers think of home security, there are three key things that most people are looking to protect – their family, home and possessions. To determine what level of security and protection that is required, your customers should consider undertaking a preliminary security assessment. Th e assessment not only identifies security gaps in and around the home, but also takes into account the lifestyle of the family that lives there. Th is also helps your customers better understand what they are trying to protect within the home and also makes it easier for your customers to decide what layers of security they need for their home.

Merits of a back-to-base security system
Th e peace of mind that a monitored home alarm system provides can be invaluable for many. This is because it:
• Acts as a deterrent: burglars themselves have admitted that they tend to avoid a home if they know there is a security system installed. To aid with this, ADT Security provides its customers with stickers and signs to warn potential burglars that the property is professionally protected by a monitored security system that initiates a response.
• Helps minimise loss: in the event of an incident, if a burglar tries to challenge the security system, the alarm siren is immediately activated. Th is startles the burglar who is then more likely to stop what they are doing and make a quick exit to avoid getting caught.
• Avoids confrontation: your customers may also avoid facing an intruder if the alarm is activated. If at home, the siren will alert the home owner, allowing them to make any necessary precautions.

Installing security cameras
Your customers may also like the fact that cameras not only capture footage of an incident, but help to identify a perpetrator and provide valuable evidence of a crime. When cameras are integrated into a back to base interactive home security system, they can provide access to a real-time video feed to help users decide on the best course of action should the alarm system be triggered.
An interactive home security camera live feed may also bring additional benefits on top of a back to base security system. For instance, your customers may wish to use cameras to check-in on their pets when they are out of the home, or keep an eye on their kids while they are asleep in another room.