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Australian manufacturers are now required to meet some of the highest quality and safety standards in the world. While this can be onerous and sometimes translates to slightly higher prices, buyers can purchase Australian Made products with confidence knowing they will be fit for their purpose and safe for use. This also reduces the likelihood of returns and the associated costs, while customer service often becomes far easier to access when dealing with local manufacturers. The Australian Made Campaign, reveals in this report, the best way retailers can utilise the Australian Made logo.

Identifying genuine Aussie products
To be sure a product has genuinely been made in Australia, customers can look for Australia’s registered country-of-origin certification trade mark. The green-and-gold Australian Made kangaroo logo has become synonymous with Australia’s high quality and safety
standards. It has been used to promote genuine Aussie products for almost 30 years, and can be found on more than 15,000 products, many of which fall under the categories of building, construction and DIY.

Win-win for buyers and suppliers
As a third-party accreditation tool, the Australian Made logo not only offers influence and credibility, but can help differentiate and justify charging a premium. Roy Morgan Research recently reported that buying Australian Made matters more to Australians now than ever before, even if it comes at a cost. A whopping 98 per cent of Australians recognise the logo, and 88 per cent trust it to identify genuine Aussie products, according to Roy Morgan Research.
The logo is designed specifically to cater to an increasing number of shoppers who seek out Australian Made goods, so retailers can carry products that feature and assist in meeting these demands. The logo is also designed as a reference point for customers, so they can easily seek out Australian Made products in-store.

The campaign behind the logo
The not-for-profit Australian Made Campaign ensures compliance of the logo, while also promoting the logo through a multi-million dollar marketing and communications campaign each year. Part of its role involves developing partnerships with organisations around the world to help certified businesses market products and facilitate conversations between buyers and suppliers. The campaign has also supported the Master Builders Association’s National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards for more than a decade, while the Australian Cablemakers Association is also a campaign associate.

Best-selling Australian Made products in the industry include:
Magic Ezy 9 second chip fix for gelcoat, fibreglass, ceramic or stone
Ladder Lock ‘HOLDSAFE ladder’ stabilising device
Sabco Australia heavy duty bucket
The Evolve Group handi block
Beehive Vinyl tool bag

The rush to brand products as genuinely Aussie
Research published by the Industry Capability Network shows that for every $1 million of new or retained manufacturing business in Australia, the following effects flow through the economy:
• $333,900 worth of tax revenue generated
• $985,000 worth of value-added generated
• $95,000 worth of welfare benefits saved
• 10 full-time jobs created
More Australian businesses than ever are registering for certification schemes to demonstrate quality, safety and ethical values, with the average number of businesses registering to use the Australian Made logo each month doubling over the past year, according to Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison.
“Research shows that a country-of-origin is a key factor in product purchase decisions, with more consumers looking for goods made in Australia, so it’s no surprise that businesses are keen to capitalise on country-of-origin branding,” Mr Harrison said.
Mr Harrison said the sharp rise in use of the logo is also largely attributed to increasing awareness of the benefits of locally made goods, and the impact buying locally has on the economy, community and environment.
“Consumers might buy Aussie out of a sense of responsibility, but at the end of the day, products made here are often better quality and that keeps consumers coming back for more,” Mr Harrison said.
“Our reputation for producing products and produce to high quality and safety standards is driving sales in Australia, but we’re also seeing a huge impact overseas – opportunities for exporters are booming,” Mr Harrison said.
All certified Australian Made products can be found online in the product directory at

Connecting business with business
The Australian Made Campaign has also recently launched the ‘Australian Made Business-to-Business (B2B) Portal’, an interactive resource hub for Australian businesses. The portal can be used to search for certified Australian Made products with a B2B application and access exclusive business opportunities available only to Australian manufacturers and growers.
The centrepiece of the Australian Made B2B Portal is an online connection point for buyers and suppliers of Australian products.
Powered by Industry Capability Network (ICN) Gateway, it will enable suppliers to search for project opportunities and register their company’s interest in just a few steps. It also offers a sophisticated supplier search functionality for procurement professionals and project managers.
“The Australian Made B2B Portal links manufacturers with major project opportunities, while also providing access to a range of useful initiatives to help sell their genuine Aussie products. We know Australian manufacturers are ready and willing to work hard to expand their network of customers, and this portal takes the guesswork out of how to go about doing that,” Mr Harrison said.
Eligible businesses can also register interest in tendering for projects, and be considered for inclusion in Australian Made branded stores throughout Australian airports and in export markets around the world. The Australian Made Campaign is also working with ICN as part of the Federal Government’s Buy Australian at Home and Abroad initiative.
“The Australian Made Business-to-Business Portal aims to provide local manufacturers with improved and ongoing access to upcoming opportunities, and increase the quota of genuine Australian products and produce being procured. We encourage all buyers and suppliers to visit the portal to find out more about how it can benefit them,” Mr Harrison said.

Fisher Plastics reports the benefits of being 100 per cent Australian Made and owned…
The trend continues for Australian companies to either close or have long moved off shore to manufacture overseas in Asia, primarily due to cost, profit margins.
We have a high standard of living in Australia which ensures a minimum wage enables every worker to live comfortably and support their family. The tag-lines attached with Australian manufacturing are excruciating labour and running costs, which often causes profit margins to be a lot smaller than the cost of manufacturing in Asia.
Unfortunately there has been a significant lack of government support, in the last 20 years, for SME manufactures to innovate. This has meant there has been a lag in the uptake of automation and new technological advances signalling further difficulties in profitability
for this space.
As a 50 year old company in 2015, this has made Fisher Plastics more determined to increase and acknowledge the important role manufacturing plays in Australia’s economy and for our company, Fischer Plastic Products, to stay 100 per cent Australian made and
owned. Not only do we manufacture locally, but we continue to support trade skills of toolmakers by producing and making our dies (moulds) on site and using local suppliers and products.
Instead of looking at the negatives of manufacturing in Australia, Fisher Plastics focuses on the positives and the reason why we are proud to be an Australian manufacturer.
Below is Fisher Plastics’ company ethos and why we believe, as Australians, we should try to support local employers and manufactures:
1. We are proud to support local families – We make tools and dies, manufacture, warehouse and sell plastic products all in
Australia. This enables us to employ local Australians from a diverse range of backgrounds, who support local families and pay local taxes. These
people are your neighbours, your friends and your families. We all gain from Australian made goods.
2. We are proud to support the local economy – Every dollar spent by us is primarily spent in the local economy from
electricity, buildings, to buying supplies from local businesses. We try to source feasible Australian options when purchasing everything,
thus continuing to stimulate small Australian businesses and support fellow business operators.
3. We give back more to the local community – Being Australian based allows us to take on and train Australian citizens that
are unable to get jobs elsewhere due to skill sets. These are usually the jobs that are moving overseas. We also are able to support local
groups in their endeavours, running scouts nights that educate groups on how factories work, to providing giveaways for local not for
4. We provide and can guarantee safe, healthy and happy workplace – Due to our fantastic Occupational Health and
Safety legislation in Australia, every employee is safe and secure when working in our manufacturing facilities, they are provided with
fantastic facilities and are able to live comfortably off the wage they earn. Often when a consumer buys from overseas, the consumer often
has faith in the procurement of the organisation they are buying from. However, often these products do not attribute to Australian
5. Quality control and sustainable methods of manufacturing – Fisher Plastics manufacture here in Australia. We know
and can also prove what is going into our products, as well as the methods we manufacture with and the outcomes on the environment
around us. We can vouch 100 per cent for the quality of our products.
As a retailer and a consumer, you have the biggest vote with our economy and that is with where you spend your money.
If you are able to support an Australian company, why not now make the conscious effort to buy Australian Made? Why not continue to
support our country in building skills and employment for every citizen?
Remember every dollar you spend on an Australian made and owned product reaches a lot further than just the amount spent in the store. It
reaches you – the Australian citizen, the beneficiary of the Australian tax dollar.
To find out more about Fisher Plastics visit:
To find out more information on Australian made and owned products visit: or

90th anniversary for iconic Australian business – Everhard
On 20 September 1926, Alfred T Davis and his business partner established Queensland’s first laundry tub manufacturing business. The tubs continued to be manufactured for the next 60 years with more than 300,000 produced during that time. Many of these pre-cast
concrete laundry tubs can still be found in homes today.
The business partnership dissolved a few years later but Alf continued to run the business, adopting the ‘Ever-Hard’ name. In 1932 Alf’s brother Frederick Davis joined him in the management of the business and, upon the premature death of Alf in 1936, Fred Davis
became the sole owner and manager of the ‘Ever-Hard Concrete Products Coy’.
The Second World War created many difficulties, including the call to military service for the six permanent employees however, concrete baths weighing 180kg and costing £5 each were successfully added to the product range during the war years when steel and porcelain were hard find.
In 1946 Selwyn Davis, Fred’s older son, joined the company as a Concrete Production Manager and, in 1947, became a part owner along with his brother, Noel. Gradually the brothers’ stake in the company grew and they held the vast majority of the ownership by Fred’s death in 1966. Selwyn and his family became the sole owners of the business in the early 1980s and Selwyn remained as the managing director until his retirement in 2008.
In 1964 the Glo-Tub™, an epoxy coated concrete tub, which would become the flagship of Everhard’s laundry unit range for many years, was unveiled.
The Glo-Tub™, was the first laundry unit available in colour and created a new focus on the forgotten room of the house.
The 70s began with a change of company name to Everhard Industries Pty Ltd, to truly reflect the overall activities of the company. One of the key milestones for Everhard was the decision in 1974 to invest heavily in buildings and machinery to develop a range of injection-moulded polymer products alongside the familiar concrete civil, wastewater and laundry ranges. The
comparatively lightweight polymer products gave Everhard the chance to be a national supplier for the first time and soon saw Everhard products in demand throughout Australia.
The Retro Tub range from the early 2000’s featured an assortment of vibrantly coloured powder coated metal cabinets that took the laundry to the next level in interior design.
In the past 20 years, Everhard has become an importer and distributor of plumbing and drainage products as well as maintaining a strong manufacturing presence. This has not only helped to maintain Everhard’s competitiveness in the modern Australian market, but also allowed the product range to expand into other areas of the home. The marketing of kitchen sinks, stainless steel insert laundry bowls, mixer taps, vitreous china basins, vanity units and toilet suites have further contributed to the ‘Everything Water’ theme.
With branches and agents throughout Australia and a continued emphasis on the highest standards of customer service, as well as ongoing support of our customer’s training conferences and expos, Everhard continues to provide the market with a wide
range of products for the plumbing supplies and hardware industries.

The business remains proudly family-owned, with Selwyn’s daughter, Sue Boyce, in the
position of Chair and her adult children in roles that involve both the day-to-day activities
of the company and seats on the Board. Along with innovations in product design and
range, changes to the plumbing supplies and hardware industries.