Reinvented Original GARDENA System

Gardena has remodelled its Original GARDENA system, improving on the system often favoured by Aussie gardeners for over 50 years. The latest range not only has a sophisticated design, but also fresh features, making it the latest choice for new or seasoned Aussie gardeners.

2015-10-16 15.13.12
The reinvented system comprises of the Classic GARDENA cleaning nozzles, watering sprayers and spray wands. The original system parts are also included and comprise of: GARDENA tap nut adapters, GARDENA hose connectors, GARDENER water stop connectors and the GARDENER hose repairer/joiner are also included. The reinvented Original Garden System is the solution to leak free watering.

2015-10-27 11.40.36Featuring new elements
Released in time for summer, the Original GARDENA System offers more efficiency, durability, comfort and an improved ergonomic design. The system also features entirely new elements such as integrated frost protection technology and comfortable one-handed control of
all components for regulating water flow. The system also fits perfectly with the GARDENA FLEX hose range introduced last year, while the high quality connections ensure the water goes into plants and nowhere else.
“Our challenge was to improve on an iconic product that has been tried and tested for nearly five decades. Since 1968, Australian have trusted GARDENA to provide innovative, high quality products,” GARDENA Australia market and business intelligence general manager, Stephen Clark said.
“Great care was taken when redesigning the system loved by generations of Aussie gardeners. It was a difficult challenge and one we did not take lightly. We are proud with the new and improved product range and hope that customers enjoy it,” Mr Clark said.
Landscape designer and TV personality, Charlie Albone, said he uses the Original GARDENA System whenever he needs do to watering.
“I have been using the new sprayers, nozzles and connectors in my own garden and in various work sites around the country and have found them to be easy to use with not one leak. The one handed use is excellent and allows you to give the plant in need the perfect amount of water,” Mr Albone said.

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