Bostik makes waterproofing fast with Bostik Primeseal Rapid

Bostik makes waterproofing fast with Bostik Primeseal Rapid

Made specifically to accommodate commercial and residential applications, Bostik Primeseal Rapid makes under tile waterproofing effortless.

Primeseal_Rapid_15LWaterproofing during a new construction build or during a residential renovation is vital to reduce the chance of flooding, damage caused by water, mould resulting from stagnant water and efflorescence occurring from any Portland cement based product.

Despite how important it is do undertake waterproofing activities, it is often a step that is overlooked; or worse still, deliberately ignored due to the perceived cost and time associated with completing the necessary steps to protect the building from water damage.

In actual fact, the costs associated with not waterproofing the building, far outweigh the cost and time associated with purchasing the right product, and completing the steps to waterproofing to the best possible standard; as this ultimately leads to a healthy, safe and solid dwelling that will last for years to come.

Meeting consumer needs

Bostik have spent a considerable amount of time, and resources, to understand the waterproofing market and the perceived complexities associated with effectively completing waterproofing in commercial and residential buildings. It is through this research that Bostik has formulated a product that addresses the issues around time and convenience. This product is known as Bostik Primeseal Rapid.

Bostik Primeseal Rapid is a one part rapid setting interior and exterior water based polyurethane waterproofing membrane that has been made specifically for under tile applications. What makes Bostik Primeseal Rapid so unique is that it is fast drying, which means recoating may be completed in one to two hours, under regular temperature conditions. Its fast recoat properties mean that tiling can commence in just four to six hours, in non-critical areas, meaning that tiling projects can be completed in a short space of time without hindering the greater construction process.

To add to Bostik Primeseal Rapid’s convenience properties, the waterproofing membrane can be applied with a either a brush or a roller and has excellent adhesion properties to a wide number of substrates including concrete, rendered masonry, wet area plasterboard, fibre cement sheet and plywood. Provided there is no free surface water, Bostik Primeseal Rapid may even be applied to damp substrates.

To address a growing concern in the marketplace around convenience, Bostik has ensured the Bostik Primeseal Rapid has broad usage applications. Not only can Bostik Primseal Rapid be used as an under tile waterproofing membrane for internal wet areas (including showers, bathrooms, kitchen, laundries and toilet areas), but it may also be used for under tile external applications as well (including balconies, rooftops and podium levels).


Exceeding Australian standards

Bostik Primseal Rapid exceeds the requirements of AS3740 by complying with AS/NZ 4858. Bostik Primeseal Rapid forms part of a total system of priming, waterproofing and adhesive applications. This means that all Bostik/ASA products are compatible with each other to support a total application system.

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