Cleaning category climbs during COVID-19

Cleaning category climbs during COVID-19

There is no doubt the Australian cleaning category has experienced a significant rise in sales, in both industrial and domestic segments, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. In this special cleaning product feature, AHJ investigates how cleaning suppliers are coping with the current pandemic and how they intend to keep up supplies during this unprecedented time.

After providing local cleaning product solutions for over 50 years, CRC Industries Australia Marketing Service Manager, Karen Heidtmann, said the company will continue to provide its retailers with product just as it has always done during this unprecedented time.

“CRC is in a favourable position during this crisis because we manufacture most of our products onsite at Castle Hill in New South Wales. During the COVID-19 crisis, CRC also intends to maintain its 2020 marketing strategy of launching several new cleaning products onto the market. We will also provide product to our distributors to ensure their customers, such as critical food and beverage manufacturers, have the appropriate MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) products to continually produce product during this time,” Ms Heidtmann said.

Product reliability and consistency will also ensure CRC stands out from its competitors during COVID-19, according to Ms Heidtmann, who said the company’s long-standing heritage should keep it in good stead over the next few months.

“CRC has manufactured quality specialty solutions for all industries across the Australian market since 1969, including general purpose products specific to builders and tradesmen, through to non-flammable cleaning products, to highly regulated mining projects,” she said.

While fierce competition does remain in the local market, according to Ms Heidtmann, CRC has been operating nationally for over 50 years and understands the importance of working closely with its trade, DIY customers and industry to find the right solutions required.

CRC extended its ADOS adhesive range with the launch of its new label remover, Peel Off, in March.

“On-site manufacturing also allows us to place strict controls on every step of our product development and manufacturing process, beginning with our in-house research and development team, who ensure we use the finest raw materials and we remain consistent with our all of our manufacturing techniques,” she said.

CRC is set to launch its revolutionary new Oil Fighter cleaning product in June.

When discussing product quality, Ms Heidtmann reiterated that while she could not speak on behalf of the entire cleaning industry, she did advise that CRC places strict controls on its own product development and manufacturing processes, from its inhouse research and development team, to the shipment of its packaged goods.

“Our manufacturing of cleaners, along with our lubricants, penetrants and other specialty products meet all performance standards certified to ISO 9001,” she said.

Environmentally friendly products grow

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, trends that drove the Australian cleaning market included changes to environmental standards, as well as occupational health and safety standards, which drove suppliers to adopt safer and more sustainable cleaning products onto the market. CRC also responded to this growing trend by providing its customers with effective, reliable products to help them meet this challenge, Ms Heidtmann said.

“The SmartWasher was CRC’s first foray in providing customers with an effective cleaner that did not require the use of pollutive or potentially dangerous solvents. Now considered across multiple industry sectors as the ultimate solution to parts washing, CRC’s patented SmartWasher systems deliver high-performance cleaning while maintaining a non-hazardous and non-flammable environment. The SmartWasher uses a natural process called bioremediation to degrade and remove contaminants from its cleaning fluid, allowing re-use. There is no need to change out the cleaning solution which means no liquid waste,” she said.

CRC recently launched its new biodegradable water-based degreaser, BIO Degreaser.

CRC has also developed a biodegradable water-based degreaser, BIO Degreaser, which can be used to penetrate and dissolve tough grease, animal fats and oils for easy removal, safely, on all metals and alloys as well as fibreglass, glass, plastics, rubber, painted surfaces and laminates. 

“The product is biodegradable, pH balanced, and water soluble. The advanced formula is powerful but non-abrasive, non-corrosive and contains no solvents. CRC also offers a food grade option specifically for the food industry,” she said.

New product innovation has continued for CRC during these unusually busy times, with the launch of a new label remover, Peel Off in March – an extension to its ADOS adhesive range.

“Peel Off uses the natural power of d-Limonene to soak through paper labels and release adhesive backings. Once released, the label can be easily removed from most containers and surfaces. Any residue can be easily removed with a wet cloth. Peel Off can also be used to clean off cured adhesive and to remove industrial ink from machinery and has many uses in factories, processing plants and industrial applications. It is also good for consumers to use after relocating or moving house that may have pesky address labels on them,” Ms Heidtmann said.

In June this year, CRC will also launch its new Oil Fighter product, a revolutionary new cleaning product that effectively removes oil stains from porous surfaces, including concrete floors and driveways, paving, cobbles, masonry, timber, heavy duty carpets and mats. 

“Oil Fighter is ideal for all automotive, industrial and household needs.  Whether it be leaks, spills, drips, drops or stains, simply spray Oil Fighter on the oil stain, and allow to dry to a powder, absorbing the oil and pulling it to the surface in the process. Then easily sweep off. This product is also ideal for maintenance people, the construction industry, consumers, automotive workshops, farming and anyone with an oil stain,” she said.

Proud Products tackles COVID-19

A good cleaning routine and a focus on virus protection will be a new way of life for Australian’s, according to Proud Products.

AHJ also spoke with Proud Products regarding its popular Euca cleaning range and how COVID-19 will affect the company’s supply and new product development during this time. 

Never in the company’s history has there been a greater focus on cleaning than there is now, according to Euca/Proud Products Business Development Manager, Gavin Kronberg, who said consumers are more concerned than ever on what they clean with and the quality of the product.

“With COVID-19 sweeping the world currently and humanity looking so vulnerable, we see the only defence to this virus as being avoidance, meaning no contact person-to- person and killing the virus on every surface we use or touch. This means hands in particular are the most common transfer, via touch and hand shaking etc. Also touching surfaces, door handles, furniture, table tops, in fact anything that another person could have touched,” Mr Kronberg said.

“So, to combat the virus on surfaces, body and clothing, we need to clean and sanitise everything. Therefore, the demand for good household cleaner that sanitise is the best front-line defence we have.”

“We believe a good cleaning routine will become a permanent lifestyle for anyone who feels that pandemics are a new way of human life. People will never want to be unprepared, as has often been the case during this current outbreak, and we will be ready to avoid pandemics by adopting good sanitation attitudes and habits now and into the future,” he said.

Proud Products’ Euca brand manufactures a range of laundry and household cleaning products, based around the known natural disinfectant properties of eucalyptus, while working to the highest standards in each product to over achieve the market norm, according to Mr Kronberg. 

“Our disinfectant has 3.5 per cent Quat (Quaternary ammonium compounds) as an example, which is a much higher standard than most on the market. Our products are also Pure Commercial Grade, so it is guaranteed to remove germs from surfaces. We are also fortunate that we are an Australian manufacturing company and manufacture all of our products locally on our premises in Melbourne. We do not depend on overseas supply for these important items. That said some supplies are getting harder to source, but we are working through all these,” he said.

Euca’s disinfectant is a much higher standard than most products on the market, which will prove to be important to consumers in the months to come.

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