Cleaning category raises bar in innovation

Cleaning category raises bar in innovation

With no shortage of innovation in general hardware – particularly the cleaning category – there is an abundance of new products flooding the market which are set to raise the bar over the next 12 months.

As a leading manufacturer of specialty cleaning products since 1979, Rubbedin recently rebranded its new Firewise Range to reflect an updated modern look that represents its growing customer base.

RubbedinThe new range was developed after an increased consumer demand for wood-heater and fuel stove maintenance products. The range includes seven new products designed specifically to clean chimneys and flues, polish cast iron stoves, build fire pits and pizza ovens or restore fireplaces or BBQ’s.

Soot-loose is part of the Firewise Range, created to ensure the cleaning of chimneys/flues is quick and easy by dissolving the tar and creosote which accumulates over time. With regular use, Soot-Loose prevents the build-up of tar, creosote and soot, while increasing the heater’s efficiency, reducing smoke emissions and preventing dangerous flue fires.

Crystal Clear Hot Glass Cleaner is also part of the new range, ensuring light work of stubborn soot, tar and creosote that accumulates on wood-heater glass. The cleaner also reduces the build-up of stains, ensuring wood-heaters are easier to maintain.

Black Beauty Cast Iron Stove Polish was designed to ensure wood heaters maintain a new look by preventing flaking, rusting and pitting. It is also ideal for restoring the beauty of unpainted and old cast iron wood heaters and stoves.

New Coat High Temp Paint is perfect for heat exposed metal that has begun rusting or needing a new coat and is heat resistant up to 500 degrees.

Hot Spot Ready To Use Mortar, Black Patch Stove Putty and Instant Brick Castable Cement are all ideal for setting firebricks, installing and repairing fireplaces, chimneys and BBQs, as well as installing fiberglass rope in fire-doors and sealing flues.

Based in Brisbane, Rubbedin has been a leading manufacturer of specialty cleaning products since 1979. After the launch of HotPlate Magic in the late ‘70s, Rubbedin went on to develop more products designed to maintain and repair cast iron pot belly stoves and combustion heaters. Originally known as the Fuel Stove Range, the products were developed, tested and proven effective for over 35 years. All Firewise products proudly promote the Ausbuy Australian Made and owned logo.

Trusted product revamped

Lightning Products is one of several companies that has also brought recent innovation to the general hardware category, particularly after undergoing one of the biggest changes in hand cleaners in over 80 years.

Although the Australian owned company developed the original heavy duty hand cleaner to the Australian market many years ago, it recently removed the stick in the pot application, which featured in its workshop hand cleaners. Lightning Products made the decision to eliminate the old fashioned, messy and somewhat difficult process to clean grubby hands, which often caused concern to health and safety officials, according to the company.

The former product has been replaced with an easy to use heavy duty hand cleaner, designed specifically to cause less mess, use less per application and is also less wear on hands, according to the company.

Pump Scrubber is an extra heavy duty pumice based hand cleaner containing mild solvents plus added lanolin and emollients to provide skin conditioning while it cleans. Like its original formulation, Pump Scrubber is designed to remove grease, tar, adhesives, oil paint, silicone, cement, ink and printing dyes and is perfect for all industrial, automotive and mechanical work.

“The new product was developed using the same time proven recipe for Scrubber, with no major changes other than a unique variation in the mix of the separate compounds, all combined in the Lightning Products Altona Melbourne factory, using the same vats and brewing process honed over many years of manufacture. The team at Lightning know not to fix something not broken, but in applying a little ingenuity, they have given new life to Scrubber and made it more acceptable, easy to use and best of all, less mess,” a company representative said.

“One major complication in the balance of getting the right hand cleaner viscosity was the need to find a pump suitable enough to do the job day in, day out. A world-wide search was started to find the best effective hand pump that could perform tirelessly within the still thick creaminess of this renowned pumice based cleaner. Pump Scrubber would not exist if not for Lightning Products being able to source such a pump, which they did,” he said.

Each 20kg tub of Pump Scrubber comes with its own unique pump applicator packed neatly under the lid. Users simply remove the lid, take the pump from its protective pack, and fit to the lid top via the smaller screw on cap already in the main lid top.

Recognised by the new brand name and white lids, Pump Scrubber is backed by Lightning Products’ unique money back guarantee.

Australian launch of

Leading provider of antimicrobial technology solutions, Microban International Asia Ltd, recently introduced its first B2B2C digital platform, into Australia.

Providing comprehensive information on cleaning tips and home products to consumers, using Microban antimicrobial technology, the website provides solutions for keeping various areas of the home clean such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and laundry room. The website also highlights interior paint products with Taubmans Easycoat, which is part of the PPG Industries Australia brand family.

The interactive site leads visitors through more than 100 hotspots, including problem areas where bacteria, mould and mildew grow throughout the home, while also unveiling details on bacteria growth and best practices to combat unwanted microbes. Consumers may simply click on a hotspot to retrieve product information and cleaning tips.

“PPG Industries Australia has been a partner of ours since 2007. We look forward to expanding this partnership through and reinforcing Taubmans’ Easycoat leadership in the paint category. Through this robust site, Australian consumers will have easy access to solutions for fighting daily bacteria in homes,” managing director of Microban International Asia Ltd., Dr Martin Szeto said.

Featuring Microban antimicrobial protection, Taubmans Easycoat helps fight household germs and reduce the chance of allergies triggered by mould and mildew, while providing consistent hygiene protection for a cleaner home environment.

“By working hand in hand with Microban, we have developed best practices for keeping homes cleaner. Microban technology is built in to more than 1,000 products manufactured by more than 250 partners around the world. We will continue to fulfil our mission of helping people live cleaner, live better, live longer through partnering with household brands and bringing best in class products with antimicrobial protection to consumers,” Dr Szeto said.

Extensive brushware history

While many Australian general hardware companies continue to report on new innovations and product ranges for the year ahead, Sabco recently reported on how its extensive history and experience in the Australian brushware category has held the company in good stead and has grown its business based on its excellent reputation and trusted branding.

Sabco was founded in 1892, by Mr W.E. Hay, who formed the South Australian Brush Company with limited production facilities and just three employees.

It quickly grew and like most manufacturing at the time, production was carried out by hand craftsmen and the company’s product range covered no more than household brushware.

In addition to its brushware, in 1979 the company established a garden products division, acquiring Melbourne company Dawn Plastics. Then in 1993, Sabco merged with Tomlin Industries to form a new company, Sabco Australia Ltd. With this partnership, Tomlin saw it become leading manufacturers of cleaning products, metal and plastic homewares.

Day by day, the product range expanded and the business grew. It was not long before the company was the largest supplier of brooms and brushware in Australia, and Sabco became a well-known brand.

Several acquisitions and brand identity changes took place over the years including acquisition by HWI in 2003, where a world sourcing program aimed to provide even more innovative products to Australian consumers.

May 2007 also saw the introduction of the Libman USA family to the Sabco family, with the company taking 50 per cent ownership of Sabco Australia Pty Ltd. The Libman business brought with it a wealth of history and experience in the cleaning field, and made Sabco a truly international business. Established in 1896, Libman USA manufactures top quality products out of its highly automated facility in Illinios.

In 2009 The Libman Company took full ownership of the Sabco business. Sabco remains steeped in heritage and plans to be around for the next 100 years by constantly searching for opportunities to improve, by way of innovation and with a passion to provide its customers with the best quality product possible.