COLT Compressors continue to grow in 2016

COLT Compressors continue to grow in 2016

A new range of oil free compressors and a new market extension ensures a big year ahead for COLT.

COLT, an Australian family owned brand, has long been synonymous with trade quality and considered a true tradesman’s workhorse compressor for use with pneumatic tools.

2016-04-07 02-00 Copy of 4 Colt CompressorsThe iconic orange tank is automatically recognisable and for a generation, has been known as the original orange tank compressor, not to be mistaken for other similar coloured products in the market.

Over the years, COLT’s main priority was electric compressors to suit the professional tradesmen in the construction industry. But with constant consultation with the market, COLT began to release a variety of units for professionals in other fields. Compressors with smaller tanks for ease of portability, varying HP to suit the task at hand, oil free motors for convenience and petrol engines for off the grid locations. Whatever the use, there is a COLT compressor to suit the job.

“The COLT compressor has come a long way from the ever popular COLT 282. But most importantly, whilst the motor output or size of tank may change, we have not forgotten one thing and that is our products are built for professional tradesmen. When buying a COLT you are paying for a quality unit backed up by a nationwide network of service agents. “Can other brands offer consumers the same level of quality and after sales support?” Airco Fastener General Manager, Brett Jamieson asked.

Range extension

With the success of the recently launched COLT 200 compressor – a lightweight and portable oil free compressor, COLT will soon extend its oil free range with four brand new units. The new Colt 160, 180 and 181 and 270 are set to hit Australian shores in June 2016.

The Colt 270 is a unique compressor for its size and being oil free it offers less ongoing maintenance in comparison to an oil version. Its vertical tank layout also offers space saving opportunities in a tradesman’s vehicle or workshop. If the user is after a compressor for lighter applications and if portability is a high priority, COLT will have a lot more options for these users with the introduction of the 160, 180 and 181 models.

The COLT brand and range is an important focus in 2016 according to Mr Jamieson, who said the current compressor market remains
quite saturated.

“To continue to grow we need to ensure our distributors and users are aware of our brand promise to provide quality products followed up closely with a national after sales service team. We take the disruption away and let our users and distributors focus on what is important,” he said.

“We have long term plans for the COLT brand and have quite a few products currently in our launch roadmap. We plan to extend the COLT brand into a new product market that fits in well with COLT brand direction, so watch this space,” Mr Jamieson said.

The COLT brand is part of the Airco Fastener Group who specialises in fasteners, pneumatic and battery powered tools and who also manages the SENCO brand in Australia.

COLT compressors can be found in all leading distributors and are marketed and distributed by Airco Fasteners Pty Ltd.

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