Creating safer and healthier homes – the smart way

Creating safer and healthier homes – the smart way

It seems Australians cannot get enough of smart technology, with the average household owning 17.1 connected devices in 2018, and this number is expected to rise to 27 by 2022. While smart speakers have been a major contributor to this growth in the past, there has been a shift in the trend with 40 per cent of homeowners now choosing smart products that offer security and peace of mind for their homes.

A brand leading the charge is French company, Netatmo, which has developed a range of consumer electronics that assist homeowners to create a safer, healthier and more comfortable home. While the company creates its own products, it also lends its technology to other leaders in the field, including Legrand, which recently released a collection of smart switches and power points in 2019 – Arteor with Netatmo. 

In Australia, Netatmo has released a selection of smart products allowing homeowners to keep a watchful eye on their home from anywhere the world. The products include: 

Netatmo Smart Indoor Security Camera

The sleek and compact Netatmo Indoor Camera is a one-of-a-kind because it features facial recognition technology. Unlike other security cameras, which utilise motion detection, this smart camera sends an immediate alert if an intruder has been detected in the home, along with a picture of their face and video recording. This saves homeowners time and allows for an immediate response. 

The facial recognition technology also recognises loved ones so users can choose to be alerted when they arrive home or keep a watchful eye on them by connecting to the live stream. Homeowners also have the option to disable video recordings and notifications for familiar faces for added privacy. 

If loved ones are fur babies, the camera allows users to check in throughout the day and also recognises them, with notifications easily turned off in the event they walk by the camera. 

The Smart Indoor Camera may be setup in minutes and does not require a video storage subscription due to its internal memory and Dropbox backup options. It is also compatible with Google Home, Apple Home Kit and Alexa. In Australia, an indoor siren and window sensors are also available which add further security measures. 

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera

Your customers can also keep a watchful eye on their home’s exterior with the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera, with an integrated smart floodlight. Users can prevent break-ins by receiving instant alerts to a smart phone if a person, car or animal is detected. 

At night, the camera’s infra-red night vision activates and when triggered, turns-on the floodlight to deter unwanted visitors up to 20 metres away. The weatherproof camera also delivers full HD video quality and zoom, internal memory and the option to backup to Dropbox without subscription fees. It is also compatible with Google Home, Apple Home Kit and Alexa. 

Smart Home Weather Station

The Netatmo Weather Station Indoor module also measures a home’s indoor comfort by providing vital data through sensors, alerting users when they need to air out their home and bring down pollution levels. 

Homeowners can also monitor temperature and humidity and receive ventilation warnings when C02 levels are high. Netatmo also offers a wireless outdoor module which provides real-time weather data such as barometric pressure, temperature and forecasts gathered from its sensors. Utilising the app, homeowners can also view their indoor/outdoor weather data in graph form and observe the cycles and forecast variations around them. The Netatmo Weather station also collects data from other users who have chosen to share weather information from surrounding areas, providing real-time weather information on nearby locations.