Cutting edge line lasers

Cutting edge line lasers from Bosch Blue


Bosch Blue has expanded its range of measuring tools with the launch of its cutting edge GLL 3-15 X, GLL 5-50 X Line and GRL 500 HV.

Tradies can now complete a range of levelling applications with greater precision no matter the conditions on the jobsite, thanks to the line lasers’ double line visibility on both of the front cross lines. Maximum accuracy and tool protection of the line lasers are also achieved due to Bosch’s innovative Pendulum Precision System (PPS).

The line lasers also boast a 360 degrees rotating platform. Convenient and user-friendly, the rotating platform features a turn-and-fix locking mechanism, precise adjustment knobs and a clear assembly direction indicator, for easy carrying and precise control of laser lines during setup.

Complete with Bosch’s Intelligent Current Management (ICM), tradies can monitor the laser diode temperature to prevent overheating which ensures maximum laser line performance and maximum laser diode lifetime.

Weighing only 500 grams, the line lasers are easy to manoeuvre around the job site, and with an operating time of 17 hours, the lasers will always be power-ready when needed. Equipped with a durable storage pouch, tradies can also carry and store the tools safely, so they can travel between jobs with peace-of-mind.


GLL 3-15 X Line Laser

The GLL 3-15 X Line Laser has an impressive working range of 15 metres, projects three lines (two vertical and one horizontal) and is a handy, compact addition to any tradesman’s toolbox.


GLL 5-50 -Line Laser

The more advanced GLL 5-50 -Line Laser boasts additional features including a pulse mode and a greater working range of 50 metres horizontally and 30 meters vertically, with the use of the new MPP LR 6 Professional Laser Receiver (optional).

Precision measuring with Bosch Blue’s Rotation Laser: GRL 500 HV

To combat the rise in worksite tool theft, Bosch Blue also introduced its GRL 500 HV Professional Rotation Laser and LR 50 Professional Remote Control Receiver with anti-theft protection – a first of its kind.

Offering Aussie tradies peace-of-mind, Bosch Blue’s new theft protection technology is designed to keep thieves at bay. The GRL 500 HV’s inbuilt acceleration sensor detects when the rotation laser is being moved during operation (when not connected to the LR 50 Remote Control Receiver), and automatically activates an alarm and LED indicator to alert the user.

Being the most unique rotation laser in its class, the GRL 500 HV provides users with automatic calibration reminders for time, temperature and shock levels.

Each rotation laser and remote control receiver is also equipped with an integrated Li-Ion battery, which simultaneously charge together in no time. Only 20 minutes of charging allows for four hours working time, with only three hours of charging required to reach 100 per cent battery life.

Working with supreme precision has never been easier, as the rotation laser boasts a ±0.05mm/m level accuracy horizontally and a ±0.10 mm/m level accuracy vertically.

In addition to this, a high working range of 500m (diameter), a self-levelling range of 6° (10%), and a rotation speed of 600rpm, gives the rotation laser unrivalled accuracy and versatility. Bosch’s new rotation laser also features a robust metal protective cage that ensures one meter drop protection in any professional trade environment. Enhancing measuring effectiveness the GRL 500 HV Rotation Laser and LR 50 Professional Remote Control Receiver will allow trade professionals to determine and check precise line and slope measurements, enhancing precision and productivity on the job.

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