Drying clothes quickly this winter no matter the space

Drying clothes quickly this winter no matter the space

With house sizes decreasing and more people opting for apartment living, there is less and less space to hang laundry in the average Aussie home. This has led AMES to design new and innovative ways to get clothes on the line in the wet winter months.

AMES Australasia Home Living Category Manager, Natasha D’Cruz, said while it has been over 75 years since the launch of the iconic Hills Hoist, which became a household name synonymous with durability for big open gardens, Australians are looking for compact solutions that are easy to set up and more durable than ever before.

“Users of air dryers should always consider two important elements, airflow and heat. In small houses it is especially important to give your laundry space to dry to avoid damp conditions. Heated towel rails are ideal for drying clothes, especially overnight to take advantage of off-peak electricity pricing,” Ms D’Cruz said.

Prevent puddles

Retractable clotheslines over baths or in shower units will also prevent messy puddles from forming. It is for this reason that AMES has also recently released new Hills Double or Single Retractable Clotheslines. Easy to install at one end of the room, the line is simply extended out to an opposite wall and retracts back out of sight when not needed. 

“Additional wall fittings can also be used to allow the line to reach the opposite wall and then return back, doubling the hanging space. Placing an airer in the bath or a large shower unit will also avoid clothes dripping on the floor, perfect for hand washed laundry which tends to be more water logged. Options like the Hills Premium Extendable 12 metre Airer is a perfect solution as the telescopic arms offer an adjustable width to squash down into smaller spaces, she said. 

Look to the skies (or at least the ceiling)

New Hills Premium Ceiling Airer can be easily lowered by a single crank for laundry to be hung up and then wound up out of the way

For a really smart space saving solution, your customers can now forget floor space and look up, according to Ms D’Cruz.

“There are now innovative clotheslines that open up ceiling space and are perfectly suited to garages and covered outdoor areas. These lines feature one frame with a number of lines that is hoisted up on all four corners by a central pulley.”

“Hills 14 metre Premium Ceiling Airer is also new to the market and can be easily lowered by a single crank for laundry to be hung up and then wound up out of the way. Its anodised aluminium frame means is also light to operate and built to last,” she said.

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