Fiskars Mattock With Pick Head – a digger’s delight

Fiskars Mattock With Pick Head – a digger’s delight

FiskarsActionGardenHardwarePick_webManually excavating and digging has traditionally been a high impact, strenuous act that can leave gardeners with muscle and joint pain. With this in mind, leading outdoor tool manufacturer, Fiskars, has gone back to the drawing board to engineer a mattock and pick with a user friendly design that reduces fatigue and increases efficiency at every swing.

The new Fiskars Mattock and Pick Head combination has been meticulously engineered to preserve the user’s upper limbs, lower back and other problem areas that consistently endure muscle and joint pain associated with the labour intensive striking action of trenching and digging.

In order to minimise vibration, Fiskars has incorporated its patented Isocore™ technology to drastically absorb impact when striking. This design ultimately reduces the punishment the body receives while digging, transferring two times less shock and vibration to the user than traditional wood
handled Mattocks.

The Isocore™ technology also generates less vibrations and tensions in the hand, wrist and shoulders, which ensures the job is safer and more enjoyable for the user.

Eliminating weak points
One of the weakest points for all mattocks, especially those with a wooden handle, is below the head, which tends to weaken over time and eventually break in the event of multiple missed swings. In addition to the ultra-light and strong FiberComp shaft already now on Fiskars axes, the company decided to include an overstrike protection below the mattock head in order to make the product even more durable.

With incorporation of an inseparable riveted head, the Fiskars Mattock is built to last the distance, with a head that will not loosen or slide down the handle towards the user’s hands while upswinging, or even when swinging with maximum force.

Sculptured handleFiskarsisolated_web
The ergonomically sculptured SoftGrip™ handle reduces blisters while the flared handle end minimises the risk of hand slippage, increasing safety by maintaining overall control and accuracy of each swing. With its optimised balance and hooked ergonomic handle that fits well in the hands, Fiskars has developed its mattock and pick to feel like an extension of the arm, particularly while trenching or breaking up hard ground.

The Fiskars Mattock With Pick Head is ideal for breaking up rocky surfaces such as gravel and hardened, dried earth using the pick end, or for use as a hoe when digging in tough soil or gravel with the mattock end. The forged, induction hardened tool head includes a rust resistant coating and hardened blade to maintain a sharp cutting edge to cut through roots and other submerged obstacles with ease.

Covered by a lifetime warranty, Fiskars has designed this high performing tool to withstand the toughest of work environments. With its ergonomic design and shock reduction features, the Fiskars Mattock and Pick Head is certain to make easy work of anything in its path.

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