PAINT & ACCESSORIES Innovative primer range from Duralex Duralex Paints recently launched a new and innovative range of primers, designed for any application. Duralex rustCONVERT is a unique, three-in-one rust converter, primer and sealer. Made with durable acrylic poly- mers, its chemical chelation process will convert rust, while the tough polymer encapsulates and seals the surface. When allowed to dry to fully cured, the surface may be coated with any water or solvent based paint. 2K polyurethane or epoxy systems also prove seamless when using this product. Unlike phosphoric or tannic acid based rust converters on the market (which can re-wet and discolour water based paint), it is the perfect partner for Duralex Sun Master or any other water based topcoat. Duralex rustCONVERT is also designed for domestic and industrial applications in automotive, mining, gen- eral engineering and maintenance, and is for new steel, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, or any ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Duralex metalPRIME is also a super easy, super tough anti-corrosive metal primer. Users simply spray, roll or brush to achieve a fast drying and hardworking anti-corrosive primer for their choice of topcoat, whether it be water based, sol- vent/alkyd or 2K polyurethane or epoxy. Independently tested to over 600 hours salt spray testing, this water based anti- corrosive primer is better for the envi- ronment and is better for the applicator’s health than conventional systems, as well as for domestic and light/medium indus- trial applications, according to Duralex. Brand new to the Duralex Paint range, primeALL is specifically designed for fid- dly or unusual surfaces. With excellent adhesion to most properly prepared sur- faces including glass, tiles, PVC, Perspex, laminate and fibreglass, it also has anti- corrosive properties to protect ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. Excellent for interior and exterior, it boasts good short-term exterior protec- tion without top coating and is also fast drying, with over coating to be completed in just two hours for 1K and four hours for 2K top coats. New Epoxy Liquid range from Norglass Norglass Paints is excited to release its new Epoxy Liquid Glass Colourant range for its popular product, Liquid Glass. Liquid Glass is a water clear pour-on colourant that gives a smooth glass finish. Designed with excellent adhesion, abra- sion resistance and flexibility, Liquid Glass is perfect for bar and table tops, floors, art pieces, jewellery, fishing lures etc. Customers are no longer limited to a crystal-clear filler/coating, but can add one of five liquid colourants (red, blue, black, green or yellow) or even mix them for a fully customised colour. Consumer demand drove the product’s development, according to Norglass, particularly with a grow- ing trend in the creation of furniture, such as tabletops that have a unique river look running through the middle seam. “It is also a regular request from students completing final HSC works in art, woodwork and design who love Liquid Glass but want to add more colour or design elements to their project. If you are a café or business owner that has tables, chairs or bar tops, you can also over- coat a Liquid Glass colourant finish with Northane clear for more durability, and to achieve a chemical resistant food-grade coating. Now your perfect glass finish can be even more colourful,” a company spokesperson said. In addition, Norglass has also released its recently accredited P5 Slip Resistant Pav- ing Paint in a new colour, ‘Safety Yellow’. “A slip resistant rating of P5 is rare in the Australian paint market and Norglass has worked hard to source the best raw materials for market-best results. This fast-drying, low sheen finish provides the perfect trac- tion, cushioning and durability for external pavements, ramps, drive- ways, stairs, carports and many other areas, in any location. The Safety Yellow colour means it can comply with Australian Standards not only for slip resistance, but also for visibility,” the spokesperson said. Paving Paint is easily re- coated and accepts light domestic traffic after just eight hours. Norglass is a participant in many marine and trade shows Australia-wide, including the Wooden Boat Festival held in Hobart bi-annually, and most recently the Working with Wood show in Sydney. “At these shows you can see our products in use and talk to our experts for handy tips and advice. Our experts are also on hand via our technical advice number to help users through their particular project and the products' uses. Users can also visit our website, which has many helpful ‘how to’ guides on most surfaces, plus data sheets on all our products,” the spokesperson said. Norglass products are 100 per cent Aus- tralian made and owned. For more information visit: Duralex Paints recently launched an innovative range of primers. Norglass Paints recently released the Epoxy Liquid Glass Colourant range. Norglass recently released it accredited P5 Slip Resistant Paving Paint in new ‘Safety Yellow’. 26 | AUSTRALIAN HARDWARE JOURNAL | AUGUST 2018