There is no doubt that 2023 has proven to be yet another challenging and interesting year. What is different about this year is that now, more than ever, independents and suppliers are highly resilient to changing economic conditions. In this year’s Industry Insight feature, industry leaders reveal their strategies on how they not only survived but thrived in the ever-changing hardware industry. Industry leaders reveal strategies for success IHG CEO, Annette Welsh The Independent Hardware Group (IHG) has stayed resilient in the face of challenging economic conditions this year, while also remaining deeply rooted in its values of building successful independents. IHG Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Annette Welsh, sees the independent hardware network remain optimistic about the opportunities to come. “Our vision is to be the number one to the small and medium builder and the exceptional service provided by our members has allowed us to maintain this position particularly well. We are seeing builders look for ways to complete projects with a quicker turnaround time, and this has opened up more opportunities.” “We want every opportunity to enable our ‘Whole of House’ strategy to be a one-stop shop. So we ensure that everything we do, from supply to also consolidating the procurement process, is made easy for both the builder and the tradie,” Ms Welsh said. From a DIY perspective, Ms Welsh adds, “We continue to build our members to a strong number two position in the market. The recent half-year results saw sales growth in DIY. Our compelling customer value proposition of getting the job done right the first time proves that our product range offering resonates with the market and continues to peak consumer interest.” “The transactions in DIY show that we held onto the DIY consumer that came to us during the pandemic and we continue to see a growing market share. We see a lot more people shopping locally and looking for excellent service and advice that helps consumers solve their DIY needs from start to finish,” Ms Welsh said. Looking ahead, the building industry is expected to face ongoing economic challenges next year. However,