Why Sympac is our choice: Sympac’s long-standing successful history within the building supplies industry. Fully integrated system including financials – have given us one source of truth. Sympac’s Timber Handling feature – It's easy to use and has a well laid out pack and rack system. Ability to reach out to the help desk and tap into a wealth of experience. Proudly Supporting Independent Hardware Retailers Since 1991 PROUDLY SUPPORTING ..... Scan the QR code to read the full case study "Using Sympac, you have one system, including fully integrated financials, even payroll! With this single source of truth at your fingertips, you can make critical decisions fast. Therefore stay ahead of the competition. Without this, you miss out.” Simon Lalor - Manager, Franz Building Supplies BUILDS WITH YOUR BUSINESS “We love that Sympac is always evolving and getting better. We have the people and the resources to utilise the system better, which we lacked as a smaller business years ago. We now have a purchasing and inventory control manager whose task is to make sure Sympac is being used to best achieve maximum efficiency,” Simon Lalor - Manager, Franz Building Supplies ONE SYSTEM Call us on 1800 796 722 today Email us at: OR come visit us at HBT23 Cairns!