Mr Fothergill’s Vigoroot pots Mr Fothergill’s new Vigoroot pots are suitable for a wide variety of herbs, flowers, and shrubs, as well as exotics and smaller-sized vegetables. At the end of the growing season, they can be washed in cold water, thoroughly dried, folded away and stored for the following year. The Vigoroot fabric has the ability to ‘air-prune’ the roots of plants, dramatically changing their formation and their ability to sustain the plant in a limited volume of compost. It also encourages more vigorous rooting, which enables the plants to absorb more nutrients, prevents the roots from growing too long, and helps prevent plants from becoming ‘pot-bound’. The Vigoroot pots are made from recycled polyester, PET bottles and clothing fabric, with each pot lasting approximately three to six years, depending on conditions, and come in five, 10 and 20-litre pot sizes. Mr Fothergill’s Tel: 02 4571 6200 Garden Up with JACK’s Raised garden containers Horticultural specialists, JACK, has released two new raised garden containers – the Raised Garden Bed and the Raised Planter. The JACK Garden Up Raised Planter is ideal for balconies, courtyards and patios, providing additional height to enable easier access. At 700 millimetres by 320 millimetres and 670 millimetres high, the white powder-coated structure provides a top planter tray to house potted plants – herbs, flowering colour, leafy greens – while the slatted shelf beneath is perfect for gardening implements or more pots with saucers. The Raised Garden Bed measures at 900 millimetres by 450 millimetres and stands at 450 millimetres high. Ideal for growing fruits and vegetables to herbs and flowers, the garden bed features reinforced sides and rolled edges for safety, along with vertical and horizontal braces for stability and a powder-coated, long-life finish. The compact size has also been designed to enable easy netting to protect plants from pests and weather. JACK Tel: 1300 559 732 Wet & Forget Shower Witch five litre refill Wet & Forget’s new Shower Witch five litre refill has arrived. Now it is even easier for customers to keep their shower and bathroom clean without the hard work. The new five litre refill saves money and uses less plastic. Shower Witch is a gentle, easy-touse, bleach-free shower cleaner that is perfect for removing soap scum and grime from the shower. It is also great as a general bathroom cleaner on toilet bowls and porcelain basins. Shower Witch works by using non-ionic and cationic surfactants, a combination of biodegradable detergents to break down soap scum build-up on bathroom surfaces. Shower Witch needs to be applied to a wet surface, such as right after showering, left overnight, and rinsed off the next day. No scrubbing required. The Shower Witch cleaner contains no strong or irritating fumes and leaves a fresh vanilla scent behind. ‘Sparkling clean without a hitch, it’s the magic of the Shower Witch.’ Wet & Forget Australia Tel: (02) 9986 2126